Kendra Season 4 Promo: Work Hard. Play Hard.

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Kendra will kick off its fourth season on E! this month. That's more seasons than Arrested Development aired, and one away from the total of Friday Night Lights. Just something to ponder when you lie in bed at night, wondering about the future of humanity.

According to the following promo for the September 25 premiere, Kendra and Hank Baskett will be working hard and playing hard this fall. It's unclear what the former means, of course, considering Baskett is not employed by a NFL team and Wilkinson's only job is to star on Kendra.

But, hey, at least their son is cute!

Also premiering new seasons on September 25? The Good Wife and Boardwalk Empire. We're just pointing out: there are slightly better options, people.

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I just read your autobiography I have read many It was one of the best so far your down to earth approach to the book and life owesum!


Hi kendra don't listen 2 gossip people ok,I like u & ur family ok ve a lovely day.


Yes- The both of them are a match made in Heaven. Once again it shows the world how opposite Races "Crash" into each other all in the name of attention! She is a " Ho" him- a Ho Hunter who dosent understand that he was hunted by her! You California people are Priceless! Cuddled up with the Kardishians and many more Self Indulged people! Is it possible you people can be anymore Fullof Yourselfs!


i love Kendra and Hank and Hank. they are the sweetest couple to me. i don't care about Kendra or hank,s past but hey they are perfect for each other


This media whore's 15 minutes of fame was over 20 minutes ago!! Time to put this baby to bed and I don't mean the little boy.


I like Kendra. It's far more entertaining than the Holly thing. At least Kendra's turned out to be a great mother.


There's better options....really? They paid you to write this?? I love Kendra. She's smart, sexy and funny. I will most definitely be tuning in again to Kendra. Great show. And you sir, Mr. Blogger, need better taste or keep your option to yourself and just report the news