Kelly Bensimon is Just Getting Started!

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Kelly Bensimon is no longer a Real Housewife of New York City, having received her pink slip from Bravo (along with Alex McCord, Jill Zarin and Cindy Barshop) last week.

Following statements made by those ousted narcissists - Zarin is threatening another reality TV appearance, McCord and Barship are selling stuff - Bensimon has now spoken out for the first time about the life change.

Formerly a Housewife

“I’m so grateful for the overwhelming support I’ve received from all of you. I hope you enjoyed my run on the show,” Bensimon wrote on her website, adding mysteriously: "Stay tuned for I’m just getting started.”

Nope, sorry, Kelly. But we're doing what every sensible TV viewer on the planet ought to be doing: turning the channel.



THANK the lord she is off the show.. she is a crazzzzy bitch. I am so glad that Bethenny has her own show, she deserves it!


So glad that she has been dumped from the show -she is an out of date model that is seriously looney tunes and needs one big slap across her mahogany saggy face. She believes she is the 'the voice of reason' on the show when in reality she is a condescending bully who lives in her stupid bubble and has really learnt nothing from life. I feel sorry for her children being brought up by that! I hope she never appears on TV again and fades into the background.


CANCEL all of the Fake reality housewives..the shows are sick


It's about time Bravo dumped the nut-case Kelly, the bitch Jill and annoyingly low-class Cindy. Bring back Alex and get rid of LuAnn. The Countess is just as nasty as Jill and adds very little to the show. Now that Kelly is gone I will start watching this show again.


I am so glad they got rid of those people...they needed to start fresh though and removed them all!! to watch a woman have a melt down and then she lies about what she says but its on film...come on! i mean Kelly not Jill because shes smart enough to create and be crafty behind the scenes...Kelly is not too bright. For her kids sake she should never have returned after that. I cant believe she has kids because she is teaching them the wrong way to confront reality. LouMann should have been dumped also!!!


I grew disgusted with this show because of Ramona and Alex. They were simply intolerable to me.
Ramona acts like she thinks she is 21, drinks constantly, is horribly rude and narcissistic. Alex went
from being rather meaningless to being WAY too dramatic and annoying.
With Ramona still on, I have watched my last episode. Good riddance.


Never have so many been so thrilled at the prospect of Kelly's departure. The level of disdain & dislike for this nasty nutjob is equalled only by feelings toward Kate Gosselin. Fans (or watchers) finally feel like they're being heard.


I love her get her a spin off I am so mad she is no longer on the show what was bravo thinking getting rid of Jill and Kelly they along with Luann are the show!


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Kelly Bensimon is a reality star on The Real Housewives of New York City. She sometimes goes by her full name, Kelly Killoren Bensimon... More »
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