Katt Williams: NOT Sorry for Anti-Mexican Rant

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Katt Williams wants to make one thing clear: he is not sorry.

The comedian got into it with a fan at a gig in Phoenix last week, telling the man "this ain’t Mexico. It used to be Mexico [expletive] and now it’s Phoenix... Do you remember when white people used to say 'Go back to Africa,' and we'd have to tell them we don't want to? So if you love Mexico, [expletive], get the [expletive] over there!"

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It appeared as if Williams was contrite for this outburst soon after it was made public, but he tells CNN an apology was penned by his publicist and was simply "for the Tracy Morgans of the world," referring to that actor's response to his own stand-up scandal in June.

"I don't think I need to apologize for being pro-American," Williams says.

Williams is no stranger to controversy.

He brawled at a Young Jeezy concert last week and was given the boot; and he was arrested in June for threatening a potential witness after an odd stand-off with a tractor driver. Seriously.

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Kat bashes on everyone! He is just damn funny. Watch his stand-up!


You know the Mexicans that some of you are looking down on and bashing? They are descendants of pre-Columbian indigenous people of the Americas--before it was even called America...before the Africans came here and even way before the Europeans found it.


& btw, 2 whomeva that said latinos work the hardest, thats a damn lie bcuz i kno alot that r lazy as HELL!! & f u feel like that, go bak2 ur own country& work that damn hard. Where ever u go n life, u shud work that hard. F u go bak, mayb sum Americans can actually get jobs


@ TeamMe, very well put. I c ppl's opinion, but all this racist shit is old... EVERY BODY, PICKS ON EVERY1. Racism is NO LONGER A COLOR. It is ALL WRONG!!!! But i didnt kno KattW. was so damn rowdy


dam where is my rant?!


you all are idiots for keeping this bull crap going! just like keith richards, he was an idiot for making fun of a nother race! i cant apologize for him nor do i attempt to. african-americans can not say anything and get away with it, like no one else can. the more you demand an apology from this guy,the more he will be difiant, so sad for him. the asians, african, europeans and native americans have all been exploited for their labor. us of color still have not been compensated, lets not attack each other!


When you say something to an african american person they jump the f*ck up but latinos aren't entitled to speak their mind? Like wtf... African american people have had to go through crap but we latinos still go through descrimiation especially in Pheonix. Without mexicans or latinos America wouldn't be sh*t because we are the ones who do the hard work!


Whats up with the racist comment? Everybody get pick on by different people. So why get mad over the joke about spanish people? Stop being so senstive all the time. But it is not call for the word nigger. If u all are spanish and calling black people nigger's, well u r so d@mn wrong.


Black men (the cool clean pimps and college educated ones and the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) are allowed to be my leader because they were whipped the most by white people so now they prosper through black enterprise (entertainment and clean pimps and clean pimps) while white enterprise is computer and corporations. Latinos shou travel to Africa and Muslim nations to build their burrito enterprise.


According to our American history textbook in 11th grade in the first two paragraphs in which our white history teacher failed to focus on, Asians are the first to crawl to the Americas to the ice age and Lived here after the ice bridge, which connected Asia and the Americas, melted. Asians are the ancestors of American Indians and all the Latinos (Cuba included) so asians have the last saying. We Asians worked like Dogs in America and save money to move back to Asia when we are old.