Katt Williams: NOT Sorry for Anti-Mexican Rant

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Katt Williams wants to make one thing clear: he is not sorry.

The comedian got into it with a fan at a gig in Phoenix last week, telling the man "this ain’t Mexico. It used to be Mexico [expletive] and now it’s Phoenix... Do you remember when white people used to say 'Go back to Africa,' and we'd have to tell them we don't want to? So if you love Mexico, [expletive], get the [expletive] over there!"

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It appeared as if Williams was contrite for this outburst soon after it was made public, but he tells CNN an apology was penned by his publicist and was simply "for the Tracy Morgans of the world," referring to that actor's response to his own stand-up scandal in June.

"I don't think I need to apologize for being pro-American," Williams says.

Williams is no stranger to controversy.

He brawled at a Young Jeezy concert last week and was given the boot; and he was arrested in June for threatening a potential witness after an odd stand-off with a tractor driver. Seriously.


To team me: i was born here too. But where did your grandparents come from? Where did theur parents come from ? And so on. No wonder alot of countries hate us/america so much because the people of america are so damn racist. And we shouldnt be!


Mai-Trang Thi Nguyen you are so ignorant!!! As far as the rest of the ignorant assholes voicing your opinion not every illegal alien is MEXICAN! Are you going to tell me that all the Vietnamese women working in the nail salons, who don't speak English, are legal? How about all the Guatamalas, Salvadoreans, Hondorans and the other South Americans that are here. Look man just because you've got brown skin doesn't mean your Mexican or illegal. Lastly, I think Katt Williams is funny and a smart guy. Let's not forget every race has it's lazy getto losers that we would all like to get rid of.


LMAO this guy's trying to be George Carlin. I love it! :D


Wouldnt that be the mayans? Hmm.


you people no whats happening in the year 2012?
who got the doomsday calendar????? who? messicans! keep bashing mexicans.... see wah happens.
if i was y'all, i'd better hope i got a mexican fren!
jokes gonna be on u!

Team me

Erika, you are obviously stupid. It doesn't matter where we came from when we are already citizens of the United States. I was born here, my parents were born here, their parents, their grandparents, and so on. WE belong here. The Mexicans and the Latinos or what freaking have you, who GAINED and EARNED their citizenship belong here. But the ones who just hop the border illegally need to get the fuck out and stay out until they decide they want to get citizenship. And they need to stop coming over here and having their babies, too. Fuck. That is the point. America is way too lineant. We are in so much debt and having so many problems. We need to close ourselves off and not let anyone in and focus on fixing us. Fuck everyone else.


Yes, mexicans do work hard, they do the work most people in america wouldnt want to.but there is also alot of whites,blacks,and other races that work hard and do the same work too.if you are here illegally, go home.your taking the jobs that people who were born here or are legal here needs.taking the housing,the assistance,the money that people work very hard to get.it isn't being racist,its being realistic.you wouldnt want us trying to come to your state and take everything you have worked hard for.as for Katt, he is a comedian.get over it.he is paid to say things that are funny and things that alot of other people wouldnt say.we can no longer have good comedy because people freak out at every thing they joke about.if you dont like it,dont pay him attention.dont watch his stand up or shows!


I dont get when whitr folk tell mexicans or any other race to get go back to their country because white came from england. This land belonged to the native americans first than white folk came and were like "ooo there people already on here but we will just take it from them " yes there are lazy mexicans but theres also alot of lazy white and black folk too. So if your telling someone to go back to their country you better check where your ancsteors came from and dont say america unless your native american.


I believe every word katt said. I have worked around mexican they are not evil but do down talk america alot and they say this is mexico. i ASKED WOULD YOU GO TO WAR THEY SAID NO. ONE HAD THE NERVE TO ASK HOW I CAN GET HIS SON A LISCENCE EVEN THOUGH HE IS ILLEGAL BECAUSE MY DAD IS A COP. I didnt do it i told him to get citizenship. The mexican also said they get free medical. Mexicans come over and try to hire or help thier own people then get lazy and refuse to do theyre job. One mexican said they wanted to quit because they didnt want to do a simple task the boss asked and tried to drive off. the stupid boss begged the mexican not to go. WTF. Thats the problem with this country. We show simpathy and they take it for granted. This is coming from what i know for a fact. I dont hate mexicans but thier country is the way it is becase of them and they will do the same here.

Wv peach

Comedians like Katt Williams say things most of us cannot. If you're in the USA illegally then take your ass home....I don't care what ethnicity you are! Our system is terribly overloaded and over-taxed, and illegals don't help. It's true that big corporations benefit from illegal labor (Dole, Delmonte, Cargill, etc), but until they are highly punished through economic sanctions, nothing shall change.

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