Karrueche Tran: Dating Chris Brown, Thankfully Not Pregnant By Singer

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Karrueche Tran is not pregnant.

Chris Brown took to Twitter to make sure his fans know that the rumor about his model girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, being knocked up with his baby are totes false.

But they are dating, for sure!

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Karrueche Tran is Chris Brown's boo, but not his baby mama. Yet.

"And so we are clear @Karrueche is not pregnant!!! Lol," the singer wrote, about an hour after encouraging haters who don't like his new video to "EAT A D--K!"

Probably good he won't be raising kids yet.

The "2 Young to Give a F--k" singer's F.A.M.E. tour stopped in Indianapolis Sunday night, where Brown took a spill. He recounted that incident on Twitter as well:

"Bust my Azz on stage last night! Hella rain but we had a great time!!!! Damn near broke my arm! Lol," Chris said of his "Beautiful People" tumble.

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I suppor the motion which says chris should married&settled karruenche that undastand him


Well we know that he is qoinq to qet alot of criticism if they ever do have kids. He's qoinq to lose some fans, some money, and a numerous number of opportunities. Besides, they're too young. This would be the worst time for kids for Chris. He is in another peak of his career. Anyways, Karrueche is beautiful and has alot in life waitinq for her. So I think that they should atleast wait some years atleast before even THINKING about children. And if Chris ever thouqht about qoinq back to Rihanna, someone needs to beat some sense into him, because she was a very biq reason to why they were driven away from each other in the first place(other than the fact that they were mobbed by media). I think she was the worst girlfriend that he has had.


LOVE u chris no matter wat the situation is or watever happens. Love u so much


Well hello remember me frm Facebook the girl dat lykes u fr hu u r well I want u to hav a baby cause boy u ain't gettin younger


Thank god he isn't gonna be a dad yett cause he is too young. I mean you never know what life brings you he maybe go back to riri. But I'm not sure he may stay with his new girlfriend and riri has to look for some new love!!!
There are many boysz sow riri:
Leaf chris with his boo !!!! I love youu Chris & Karrueche !!!!


Chris i luv u so very much just wish i was d lucky gal in ur life i'll be very hap i pray i'll get to meet u sumday nd pls tel tran dat i luv her too nd i would luv to be a model just like her.luv u both.




hay chirs brown you need to stay away from rihanna girl befour she get you in a bad mode good luck chirs brown have a good life in be amazon my freind if you need me look me on face book zjefferson@yahoo.com


Rihanna is talented and ol bt a succesful troublemaker.trouble is ha otha name.save yourself man from that loose woman,a digrace to womanhood.she shd be so ashame to pose as a lady.


yet? !why would you in the article -say yet,?
as if its a far gone conclusion
he has no children with anyone
so why when shooting rumor would you tag that on
pretty tacky-racist generalization

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