Kardashian Sisters Kall Out Elisabetta Canalis, Use Improper Grammar, Imply DWTS is Rigged

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The Kardashian sisters are as confused by this week's Dancing with the Stars results as we are by their fame.

After brother Rob Kardashian was ranked in the bottom three on Tuesday night - saved from elimination when fans voted off Metta Peace instead - the siblings took to Twitter and expressed their outrage.

"There is NO way Rob Kardashian was trending worldwide last night and in the bottom 3. Impossible!" Kourtney wrote. "HOW IS ELISABETTA SAFE?!??! HOW?! Seriously!!!"

Khloe Kardashian had the answer for her shocked sister, Tweeting: "Shows are rigged all the time."

Finally, Kim chimed in with an abuse of the English language: "Rob in the bottom three is impossible! He did soooo good!"

Allow THG three responses to these reactions:

  1. Kourtney, trending does not mean one is popular. Rob may have been trending because people were curious about the brother of the girl who got famous for having sex with Ray J on video.
  2. Khloe, the show might be rigged. Viewers also might dislike your talent-free family.
  3. Kim, unless you are referring to charity work Rob did during commercial breaks, one cannot do "good." One can only do "well."

The Kardashian sisters showed a real lack of class (as if that was ever under debate) by yelling out while at DWTS. They remind me of the Beverly Hillbillies, but without the manners and graciousness.


OK, I admit it, sometimes I watch this mess of a family show just for the laughs. Recently, it was soo cute when Kimmie and Chris walked along the beach and she exclaimed: oh, it's so ROMANTICAL (BTW, she was wearing high heels)!
Is it true that the honeymooners were paid $200,000 by invited media people to record this blissful event in romantical Italy?!


wow. People are so ridiculous. Its not rigged. If people dont vote for u then u go home simple. And yes kardashians there are people out there that just dont want to vote for ur brother. Seriously? U guys are poor sports! And besides that who cares? Did he go home? No so shut up. Gosh. Haha


i love elisabetta and am happy she is taking part in the show. shut up, kardashian sisters! think about your big asses!


Vaffanculo alle Sorelle Kardashian!! FUCK FROM ITALY FOR THE KARDASHIAN's SISTER !!! Elisabetta


@THG(itself) i kno good damn well yall r not talk'n about ppl's language...i can honestly say that i've corrected YOUR writers/ editors a few times. So let's stop being "Kardashian Haterz" & correct THG 1st!!!!!!! JMO


Definitely rigged and I am finally convinced as many people had warned me. DWTS should have redone their rules instead of spiffing up their high-tech stage. Some contestants even have contracts on how many session they will last....really????. I am only sorry that I watched the show for 2 hrs (incl. long commercials in between) thinking it was my duty to watch all the dancers and be able to cast my vote for the most deserving. It did not happen. Elisabetta did not know how to dance and she ended up not even in the last three in the elimination program. I think I will mop the kitchen floor next week during DWTS and push a button 12 times on whoever, who cares anyway? They already know who the winner is and who is going home the next time.

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