Kardashian Sisters Kall Out Elisabetta Canalis, Use Improper Grammar, Imply DWTS is Rigged

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The Kardashian sisters are as confused by this week's Dancing with the Stars results as we are by their fame.

After brother Rob Kardashian was ranked in the bottom three on Tuesday night - saved from elimination when fans voted off Metta Peace instead - the siblings took to Twitter and expressed their outrage.

"There is NO way Rob Kardashian was trending worldwide last night and in the bottom 3. Impossible!" Kourtney wrote. "HOW IS ELISABETTA SAFE?!??! HOW?! Seriously!!!"

Khloe Kardashian had the answer for her shocked sister, Tweeting: "Shows are rigged all the time."

Finally, Kim chimed in with an abuse of the English language: "Rob in the bottom three is impossible! He did soooo good!"

Allow THG three responses to these reactions:

  1. Kourtney, trending does not mean one is popular. Rob may have been trending because people were curious about the brother of the girl who got famous for having sex with Ray J on video.
  2. Khloe, the show might be rigged. Viewers also might dislike your talent-free family.
  3. Kim, unless you are referring to charity work Rob did during commercial breaks, one cannot do "good." One can only do "well."

I think that it's safe to say the Kardashian sisters are truly bfiatueul and always look amazing which is why I'm disappointed in their Kardashian Kollection'. The clothing line looks lovely with sexy figure hugging dresses and simple cut shapes. However their lingerie collection really does look like something you would find in the reduced section of a cheap/discounted store. I thought they would use seductive silks and fine laces and not denim looking prints. (Kims outfit) Let's hope that the entire range is a little better than the ones modelled by the sisters.


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Please.....The Kardashians are a hit! I just don't understand who couldn't like them. Yeah I do...HATERS!!! Kim and Kris are perfect together. You can tell that they really love each other! Kourtney ia just a laid back great mother! Khole is a trip. You can tell that she has fun in life. And their mom and Bruce are such loving parents. Rob is really trying to make something out of his life, aside from his sisters. People stop hating! They have it all, maybe one day you will...NOT! I love the KARDASHIANS!


Everyone on DWTS did the best he or she could. Honestly, I do not think that Rob is worry about staying in the competition or not. Why is his sisters really making a big deal out of it? I love Elisabetta. I am kind of glad that she moved on without George Clooney. Hopefully, she'll find someone who would love and marry her someday. I would like that person to be myself.


the k's are just 3 stooges being pimped by a want-to-be-young $$$ hungry slut mom-----c'mon khloe, go back to crying about people talking about you being fat!! If Rob thinks you all are supportive, then he is more whipped than he realizes ... you trashy brats are just sore losers


kardashian's sisters are all big butt cheesy little girls


Khloe is right all shows are rigged including their show where Kim Hodashian got fake x rays for her butt so we did get it straight from Khloe.Kim needs to quit looking so dumb she tries to make herself seem innocent instead comes of as annoying ooh yeah she just got the award for most annoying and nasty and since she's a compulsive liar why should we listen to anything she says.


Kardashian sisters need a good ass kickin...lol. Seems they r jealous


Kardashian sisters: it's ok supporting your brother.. but viewer decide, don't forget that! As far as Elisabetta, well she sure is classier than you three, no doubt on this.
Go Elisabetta!!


Canalis is a coke whore, good said Kardashian.

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