Justin Theroux to Brad Pitt: I Will F--k You Up!

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Justin Theroux, Jennifer Aniston's boyfriend is reportedly far from pleased with Brad Pitt and his recent comments about the actress. That much is probably true.

Threatening Brad over them, as In Touch reports? Probably not.

This one's all on Pitt, though. Had he not mused at length about how dull life with Jen was and how he only pretended to be happy in their marriage - context, schmontext, he said it - this would never be on a tabloid cover:

Justin Theroux Threatens Brad Pitt!

Is Angelina still fueling the fire? LOOK at her - of course (not)!

If you believe this celebrity gossip magazine, Justin called Brad a "wimp" and warned him he'd better shut his yap. Somehow we doubt there was any "showdown."

We don't doubt that Jen went ballistic when she read her ex-husband's quotes in Parade, or that her new man took exception. But the two camps being at war?

Not likely, given the lengths to which Aniston goes to NOT be dragged into stuff like this. Of course, it's more realistic than 90 percent of the stuff written about her ...


sry but i can name a bunch of female celebs past and present that are way hotter then her shes pretty but not the hottest of all time. i don't think Justin is good looking i think Jenifer is just settling cause shes lonely he seems dull

Dean clark

Jen sucks...she can't act, Screw's every leading man she is in a movie with...Best thing she is know for is marring Brad~~~These health club, guys are smoking something...funny!!!!!


Justin look like terrorist or homeless but Jen changed him to cleaner


Jen's man Justin reacted to Brad because because Jen is his Banking. He he he


Justin is pretending to love Jenifer Aniston. At least Brad didn't do gold digger. Justin does


IM so sorry for teyr kids.PLZ someone call child prodect service....its a freek show...they are not cabable of having kids...this is the biggest show off horror..someday they will live to tell,this is so wrong,she is not right in the head,him,wtf can you say, jen she is just a nice person she should adopt brads kids,she´ll be a bether mom and dad


hahah if justin toucht him Brads brain will fall out his ear.pussy pussy Brad,


Aniston is not an 18 year old sweet heart, she's capable of grabbing any guy she wants. Brad Pitt and Angelina are much more respectable and mature as adults.


Justin ready to do anything for Jen because she pay everything for him. Even beating Brad etc.... Money love not true love


Justin is a cheater. He is not better than Brad. This guy look like terrorist. Eww. ugly Jen and ugly Justin. Both are old airplane and young pilot. Jen look like his older sister. And he is a gold digger.

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