Justin Bieber Wants To Be a Young Father

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Justin Bieber wants to make it clear: he won't be proposing to Selena Gomez any time soon.

But in a new interview, which took place Thursday night at the Dolce & Gabbana store on Madison Avenue in NYC, the singer did speak on his future and a potential family and when the two might merge.

Jelena Smooch

For Justin and Selena, first comes love... then comes marriage and a baby carriage?

"By 25 or 26, I want to see myself, like, married or looking for a family," Justin said. "I want to be a young dad... if the time is right, I definitely want to be married by 25."

Among other topics covered by Bieber in the Q&A: his fashion icons and his mother. Excerpts are below.

On expanding his resume: "I want to eventually start a clothing line or a shoe line, something like that. But nothing is in the works right now. I’m just focusing on my music now."

On remaining grounded: "I love to play sports and stuff. I love just hanging out with my friends. I’m just a regular 17-year-old. I grew up playing hockey so I like to get on the ice every once in a while. I love to play basketball and I try to play soccer as much as I can."

On his fashionable role models: "Kanye West. Usher’s real cool. He knows way more about fashion than I do. I’m learning from him. He helps me put stuff together and find different designers who I’ve never heard of."

On his mother's influence: "She always pushed me to be the best that I can be. But she never pushed anything on me. She always let me do what I wanted to do. She let me follow my dreams. She never held me back."


hi u giz i love jb and sg i give them the best wishes


hi jb
i love you xoxoxo


okay so is he for real or just messin cuas we have enough of that. selena and him wont go that far just sayin


woww justin u really wount be a young dad i think yall should wait till yall like in yall 30s to have kids u feel me..


mia: "justin bieber have a goood day and god will be happy!" So lemme get this right: YOU THINK THAT GOD's (God! The all-powerful, all-knowing creator of everything) HAPPINESS hinges on JUSTIN FRICKIN BEAVER having a GOOD DAY?????? Mwuahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! BTW, God is a human construct, there is no such thing.


i love justin bieber and i think they wold have a baby i love u guys and u too i love u justin bieber and i allways will wish i can meet u justin bieber have a goood day and god will be happy!*(=


well i hope justin is a father soon if he was then ill be happy for him.


i love jb and i hope they have a great futur


Omg i love yall you guys are like the best couple i have ever seen. I wish i could see you people perform but we are a poor family of 6 bout to be 7 i am almost 13 and i think it would be amazing if justin had a justin jr. Or selena # 2. Either way the kid would be the greatest singer. I love yall!!!!!!!! Peace out.


If the boy wants to be married by 25, so be it. All the little girls who want to be his wife, you'd better pick a new path. If Selena and Justin want to marry, whoop dee doo. However, how often do celebrity relationships ever last? Think about that you two!


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