Justin Bieber Tweets Love to Selena Gomez, Latin Girls

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This just in: Justin Bieber is a serious ladies man.

The young singer has Tweeted out a photo of himself (rocking a fedora!) laying a smooch on the cheek of girlfriend Selena Gomez, while simultaneously extending an invitation to "#latingirls" everywhere. Justin wrote today:

gearing up for S AMERICA #myworldtour - who is coming?

Jelena Twit Pic

Indeed, the Biebs will take his adorably talented show on the road this fall. He has booked stops in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Peru and Venezuela. He will then return to the States and promote his Christmas album.

But don't worry if you can't hit the road along with Bieber: he'll keep us well-informed of his whereabouts and his spit swapping via Twitter.


All you haters need to leave Justin & Selena alone they are HAPPY TOGETHER you haters only wish with Justin or Selena so wake up from your little dream world!!!


This is another Brittney-Justin Timberlake horrendous "love story"


He looks too much like a child . Like a little tween girl. Yuck.


seeing that picture makes me stop being a belieber :'( so,goodbye beliebers~ goodbye bieber world~


HI,I am in love with JB but Selena loves him too.Leave the poor girl alone.Sure,I would love to be with him but I would never threaten the girl to leave him . Thank you,
Brianna Arthur


I really like Selena I have met her and she's beautiful. I'm not a fan of Justin beiber because I think he likes himself a bit too much. I find it hard to believe he really likes her and not just the publicity but if he does then I wish them all the best


Latinos make cute babies with Canadians.


I love bieber


i love justin and selena's relationship how dare u not like them together! the only reason u don't like them together is u want him to urself! well i do too but i am happy for him that he found an amazing girl named selena u guys rock!


I do not like there relationship

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Fuck Michael sam.


I'm already tired of hearing about Michael sam's lust for dick.