Justin Bieber Tweets Love to Selena Gomez, Latin Girls

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This just in: Justin Bieber is a serious ladies man.

The young singer has Tweeted out a photo of himself (rocking a fedora!) laying a smooch on the cheek of girlfriend Selena Gomez, while simultaneously extending an invitation to "#latingirls" everywhere. Justin wrote today:

gearing up for S AMERICA #myworldtour - who is coming?

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Indeed, the Biebs will take his adorably talented show on the road this fall. He has booked stops in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Peru and Venezuela. He will then return to the States and promote his Christmas album.

But don't worry if you can't hit the road along with Bieber: he'll keep us well-informed of his whereabouts and his spit swapping via Twitter.


SOOO CUTE!!!!!xxxxxxx
U cud rly tell they luv eachova but ppl r tryin to split em up nd no they aren't together but hopefully they will get bk wiv eachova soon xxxxx
Justin no matter wht happens I will be right behind u nd I will suppory until the day I diexxx
With all my heart Sonya xxxx


justin bieber plasese come to my birthday wanted you too because sing me makeit up for me sing me aong with me if i get up started to hug him first and getting marryed i wanted so much about it talk about him make him waiting for me i getting two poster of justin bieber pircutre of him and guitar poster too i can do that other thing before i sit down do you marryed me im so exitend i shoke my head yes i will i can do it i can not take it nomore he got a new car im sweet 17 years old to drive car i can do it my own with you


I think Selena is too "womanly" for him..I mean..come on..Selena looks like a woman with her little brother! She did say that about him right? Like what..two years ago? But I think Selena should dump him and get someone her own age..I mean really? Sooner or later she's going to be like what 40 and Justin is going to be 38 minding his own time


Guys! As justins boss i asure u he aint datin a disney gal coz he luvs smn else bt braun is forcn the selina issue *shit* plan. A(yeater) din work


hey justin bieber i love you so much but i hate selena gomez i told you that i am going to kill that stupid joke of you


I don't know what me should talk about they.
Yes i know justin bieber love selena gomez so much,but i sad when i see jb with selena always near.
Justin,don't forget your beliebers. I'm inda from indonesia.
I hope i can to meet you.


jb is so hot but selena gomez thay r a good couple


justin el maximo claroooooooooooooooooooooooo


go too hell two bitch


i wish i was selena gomaz

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