Josh Rendon Facing Discharge From Air Force Following Arrest

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Josh Rendon of 16 and Pregnant is currently under investigation by the U.S. military for his conduct leading up to his arrest early this week on charges of endangering the welfare of a child (and various drug charges to boot).

As we reported yesterday, Josh Rendon and Ebony Jackson were both busted ON the Little Rock Air Force Base Rendon for putting their kid at risk (and doing drugs).

He could be court-martialed in addition to his legal woes.

Josh Rendon, Ebony Jackson

On Tuesday, police raided Rendon and Ebony's home, after someone complained about living conditions in the house. Police found the place covered in feces.

Yes, actual fecal waste.

The couple's 2-year-old daughter was taken away by the Department of Human Services. If he gets kicked out of the military, Rendon and his wife will undoubtedly lose their home, because they live on the Air Force base.

Not a good situation. Maybe hire a housekeeper.


Um so only England has good teen mothers?!? Okay. How about me? I have a college degree and own a brand new four bedroom house? I provide for my child and I live in the USA so keep YOUR narrow minded thoughts in your head.


Yes they are young and obviously did not associate with positive role models. JJ is a bright beautiful baby girl...she loves her Mommy and Daddy sooo much! Im keeping them all in my prayers along with the rest of their family.


That's so sad to hear. On the show they seemed, despite an unplanned pregnancy so young in life, that they would succeed in the military and have a good life...clearly something went very wrong.


I was 16 and pregnant. Im a single mother and my home is pristine! My son is very well looked after and loved. Keep your narrow minded comments to yourself! Not every young mum leaves shit all over the place and does drugs. Seems thats just what happens in the USA, here in England we have higher standards.


what the hell is that??? house covered in feces?? OMG! This is why when ur 16 and pregnant you don't have the mindset to be anybody parent. Then on top of that they got married, like that was going to make it better. I feel for children that are brought into this world without any structure or parental guidance. Then there was drugs involved?? this was a disaster waiting to happen.

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