Josh Rendon and Ebony Jackson Arrested For Child Endangerment, Drugs; Daughter Seized By CPS!

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Josh Rendon and Ebony Jackson of MTV's 16 and Pregnant fame were paid a visit by authorities and Child Protective Services in Arkansas this week.

The visitors weren't impressed with what they saw.

Rendon and Jackson, now 20 and married, were arrested late Tuesday night for child endangerment and were also booked on various drug charges.

Josh Rendon Mug Shot
Ebony Jackson Mug Shot

Two-year-old Jocelyn was removed from their care by child services when the duo were arrested on child endangerment and drug-related charges.

The bust went down when narcotics officers and agents from the Little Rock Air Force Base Office of Special Investigation showed up to execute a warrant at the couple's home on the base. Drugs aren't all they reportedly found.

According to the arrest report, detectives turned up a gram of synthetic marijuana, plus empty packages that once held the drug and paraphernalia.

Moreover, house was full of flies and maggots and in "deplorable" condition, according to authorities, who reported that EVERY ROOM INSIDE THE RESIDENCE had traces of dog and human feces on the walls and floor.

That's even worse than Octomom's house.

They said it they saw feces on clothing lying around as well. Animal control was called in to confiscate three dogs found on the revolting premises.

Rendon, who joined the US Air Force in 2009, and Jackson have been charged with misdemeanor counts of endangering the welfare of a minor, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance.

Oh, and also felony counts of maintaining a drug premises and unauthorized use of another's property to facilitate a crime. Bad day for them.

The duo were released on $8,000 bond.




i was a teen mom, i had my oldest at 19 got married at 21 and moved to be with my husband in california on a naval base, with all the changes that i went through i still had time to clean my house, take care of my child, do what you need to do as a parent, mother, and wife how hard is it to get up and clean up after your animals, self and's just pure laziness and sad. say goodbye to his potential career in the air force, so it looks like there back to where they were on 16 and pregnant..together with no income and no idea with what to do with their lives...pathetic!


I agree with Jennifer-I was a young mother at 19 - trying to make ends meet-it was tough, but I often went without so my son didn't have to, and my house was always clean-my kid was always changed and fed-there's no excuse. I am disgusted with how television today makes teen motherhood seem "cool". All of these girls have cars, highlights, smart phones and manicures wtf??? I could barely afford dish soap!


I can believe a house full of human and animal waste. This couple was totally into drugs and when under the influence of drugs the user will not care about health and cleanliness. I have seen the homes of drug addicts and the homes should have been torn down because of lack of cleanliness. This couple should not get their baby back until they go through intense therapy. I don't understand how the Air Force could have let this get too bad. The couple should also be doing some time in jail for what they did. This child deserves better parents.


Now that the AF is aware of their filthy ways, they'll be watched like hawks until he's discharged and will most likely have premises inspections on a regular basis as well. The military doesn't like press like this.


DGAF, you have obviously never served a day in uniform in your life! No service watches that close over there enlisted or officer corps unless there is a reported problem! As in this case there was a suspected problem, thus the need for the search warrant! These dirtbags are in custody where they belong and that child is safe!! Why do you think that the marines have moved some from Okinawa? They have issues too! All services have some people that need to be kicked out!!!


ISimplyDGAF, your comments are completely unwarranted and uneducated BS. You obviously have never been in the USAF, nor would you probably qualify. Kudos thetruth44!! My own husband has been USAF for 15 yrs, and just because they don't babysit their enlisted on base housing, they have less instances with the law than other branches. Enlisted or commissioned, they already hold THEMSELVES to a higher standard and not rely on the military to do it for them. There's trash in every branch, so judging the whole entire USAF based on this lowlife is ridiculous.


iSimplyDGAF, u r a very ignorant person (probably got denied USAF enlistment huh?) If u actually knew anythin bout the service, u would have shut the hell up. The airforce has the highest standards dumba**. Thts y its the hardest service to join u idiot. Stuff like this happens every damn day in the other branches u retard. Matter of fact, the reason service members get put on curfew in places like japan, is cuz some1 in the marines navy or army raped some lil girl. Airman usually get in trouble for drinkin n fighting, not raping n being disguisting. The only reason u heard of this instance, is cuz the dude was on TV. So enjoy ur life, tht proly sux balls cuz ur not in my awesome AIRFORCE!


first im sure somebody will say somethingggggg..but..yeeahh..Let it again be reiterated that the boy is in the AIR FORCE. Hes not a marine..hes not in the army...or the navy..the AIR FORCE. and everyone in UNIFORM knows that those who are enlisted in the AIR FORCE are not held to such high standards as those of the other branches. Which is why they are called civilians in uniform. Due to that alone, you can also imagine that their superiors are also pretty lenient..lax...lethargic..WHATEVER.. Had that been an ARMY..NAVAL..or MARINE base


expAArty gurl STFU. You are not an authority on everything.

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