Josh Krajcik Slings Burritos, Talent

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Josh Krajcik shared his gift with X Factor viewers last night.

The Columbus, Ohio native attended auditions with his proud mother, who gushed over her 30-year old offspring before he took the stage, saying how she'd always dreamed of Josh blowing Simon Cowell away with his talent.

And then Krajcik proceeded to do just that. Watch Cowell's expression after the contestant says what he does for a living ("I sling burritos") and then adds with a straight face that he's gonna sing the Etta James classic "At Last." Impressive stuff. It's okay to cry, Mrs. Krajcik. We understand...

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Hi! I´m from Brazil. When he says "I sling burritos" what does the verb "sling" means? I don´t find a translation that suits for the context. Could someone help me?


Josh is absolutely faublous. When he sings At Last it gives you cold chills just like when Josh Groben sings love songs. Would love to hear him sing more love songs that take your breath away. Josh is only 30 and I am 49 and I would love to date him. He has a down to earth, sweet personality and his smile melts your heart! Go Josh! God is really blessing you!Lisa


Luv ya Josh.....Yu gotta sing Roy Orbisons "In Dreams", You'll kill em stone dead!....Go man!!!!!


Youbare the best Josh.... all the best from PORTUGAL


Fans of JOSH KRAJCIK on The X-Factor, please repost. Josh Krajcik, the soulful singer with the powerful voice keeps advancing on The X-Factor-- weeknights on FOX. We only have a few days to spread the word before the next round in which America votes. If this contest could be won with talent alone, Josh would clearly blow away the competition. Unfortunately, it comes down to how many phone calls each contestant gets. For this very reason Josh needs all the help we can give him. Spread the word! Go online and comment, blog and email everywhere and to everyone you know. Talk to friends, co-workers and neighbors and get them to vote, vote, vote! Post this or a similar message every day on your facebook, twitter, myspace, google +, etc. and encourage others to do the same. Let’s win this thing, Team Josh!


I love that voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Finland Girl


You brought tears to my eyes, your going to the top without a doubt.


What an amazing audition Josh, thanks for sharing your gift with the world. We love you in the UK!!


You blew us away in Canada too :)


Wholly Burrito Josh, where have you been all my life. What a great voice. I can't wait for X Factor each week just to see and hear you. You not only blew Simon away but all of America as well.