Jordan Lloyd on Big Brother Finale: Team Rachel!

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Jordan Lloyd's quest for a second Big Brother title ended Thursday.

While she and boyfriend Jeff Schroeder seemed in command for much of the 13th season, which ends Wednesday, both were dispatched as the summer waned.

“It’s really hard. It’s mentally draining in there,” Jordan told EW.

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The Big Brother 11 winner said she agreed to come back this summer mostly so Jeff could have a shot to win, feeling that she could at least help him.

But her failure to win crucial challenges proved her downfall.

“I don’t know. I’m not a competitor. I’m really not. The only reason why I made it so far was because I’m a great social player," she said. "That’s why me and Rachel [Reilly] work so well together. She’s a great competitor."

"They didn’t trust her so I did all the talking.”

Reilly may have rubbed other players the wrong way, but Lloyd admitted that she bonded with the fiery redhead - and will vote for her if given the chance.

“After Brendon left, I think [viewers] began to love her. She wasn’t being so outspoken. She was kind of being herself, a great game player," she said."

She thinks Reilly - not Porsche Briggs or Adam Poch - should win Big Brother 13. But for that to happen, Rachel has to make the finals. Can she do it?

If she wins the final HoH, that would get it done obviously. But would Adam or Porsche take such a strong competitor along with them if they triumph?

Time will tell. Who do you think will win?


Good job!


Think Rachels the only one who deserves 2 win out of the final 3......just saying!!!


Porsche to win. Rachel to win $25,000. Even after crying through most of the season.


Rachel to win and Jeff should get viewers choice. I would love to see Jeff propose to Jordan on the final show he needs to marry her.


Jordan is too sweet & funny. She won her season & lasted very long in this season w/ a huge target on her back. She never lied or bashed anyone on either season. She played a wonderful social game because I believe she was being herself. She needs to marry Jeff & have the cutest, sweetest babies.


Rachel win and Jeff gets America's vote for 25,000 dollars!


Hopefully, Jeff will win the viewers choice, with the three that are left, yes, Rachel should win, she has worked/played/cried all the way to the final three.


rachel will clean up! jeff will get viewer's vote for 25,000!