Jon Stewart: Disappointed in President Obama

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Like other famous Democrats, Jon Stewart is not pleased with Barack Obama.

In the wake of Matt Damon expressing disappointment with the Commander-in-Chief, the Daily Show host has come out in the latest issue of Rolling Stone and said, above all else, he's simply confused by the President.

"I'm not sure what he truly thinks is the right path," Stewart tells the magazine. "Other than that he believes the wealthy should pay a little bit more of their fair share."

Jon Stewart on Rolling Stone

Adds the comedian:

"He ran on this idea that the system and the methodology are corrupt," he says. "It felt like the country was upset enough that he had the momentum needed to re-evaluate how business is done. Instead, when he got elected, he acted as though the system is so entrenched that it has to be managed... I'm surprised at how much he deferred to the legislative process."

Stewart's feelings on Obama are in stark contract to how he views Bruce Springsteen.

"You would go see his show and he would blow your fucking mind for four hours. At a certain point, you'd want to go up onstage and be like, 'Guys! It's OK. I got my money's worth, like, two and a half hours ago. Save yourself! I don't want you to burn out,. You're giving too much! We do not deserve what you've done here tonight! A lot of us are jackasses!"


It's funny how when it comes to taxing the poor it's more than welcome but when you want to tax the wealthy it becomes a problem i don't understand all the ignorance everyone has to say about obama but no one can understand that he didn't create these problems bush did but i guess since he ain't white y not blame him right????I have stupid people


Devils! Is what you are(allsaint45,Jon,Matt)you are the ones mistaken!


Watch and see how many more mistakeshappen if you do vote republican in the next election is what is really gonna happen! Rich keep getting richer! Nomore middleclass is what's gonna happen! No taxes on the rich and wealthy is what's gonna happen! No more socialsecurity is what's gonna happen if u vote republican! No more freedom of choice is what's gonna happen if u vote republican! Are the rich and wealthy to good that they don't give a damm about the poor and the less fortunate! I'm sure your saying! Boo boo to what I'm saying! If u gave a damm


Obama is one man who has to work with other people! He can't do it all by himself! We the people! Remember that! He is one man trying his best to unite all the people! It's alittle harder when he is a black man and the haters(republicans,teaparty,racist) are so united inseeing him fail! The rich dont wanna help anybody but themselves and there agenda! He is trying to fix a problem in this country that is overwhelming! He is trying to work with what he has to work with! People who have more than enough! And are always crying! Broke! Will get there just doos! The rich who do agree with Obama are overtaken buy the rich who really don't care about anybody but themselves! That's the truth!



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