John Galliano Found Guilty of Hate Crimes

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John Galliano was found guilty of hate crimes in a Paris court yesterday.

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    I just have to say that it is a shame that people are still so damn stupid. Be grateful esp to white christians? Really? I belive they had no right to stare and cast ugly looks but to retaliate by throwing racist remarks was childish, hateful, and ignorant on his part. Him being white makes him no smarter or better than anybody else, being christian damn sure don't make him better than anybody esp since inbred nazis and clansman and hicks use that same im christian mentality to justify what they do. Every person is a work of god. Let him judge and love thy nieghbor. He should have just cussed them out and told them to fix thier face if he had to say anything.




    Based off the first picture, I'm convinced this guy was the inspiration for the head chef on Ratatouille. Convinced.


    If France consider hate speech as a felony then France should consider ugly, hateful, prejudice stares of animals as a hate prejudice bullying crime, too. L for Losers.


    What about justice for Jewish people in that coffee shop giving a gay Christian mAn hateful, jealous, and prejudice look from a group of straight animals bullying a gay animals?


    Jews in France are allowed to bully non-french Christian gay with hateful and ugly and prejudice stares, but a non-french Christian gay man is not allowed to use his Christian mouth to scream the animals away to remind him the old days of who nailed Jesus?


    Well said Chely, & I'm proud I live in a country such as France who considers hate speeches as a felony !


    You need to check into some rehab or something for your hatred !! What is going on with you , why such a hatred ?? give it up & live your life, you sound SO pathetic ! Shame on you that such words are still being spoken in such modern times.
    What's important is what we have inside, we all should respect one another no matter how different ( religiously talking ) we are


    Troll get outa here your beiing told off all the time give it a rest. Anyways thats why otha countries seem better at race relations. To think over there a person can actually get in trouble for hate speech when here is sum god given right. The 1st admendment should neva allow ppl to get away with what they do or say. Jus look at the westboro baptist chuch!


    The Jews coffee shop people expressed hate and bully by staring at John with ugly and hateful look by disrespecting him as a hard-working non-French designer so John reacted by jumping off with anti-semantics words to remind the French new coffee shop people that hey: "Why are you bullying me as a Christian when you were once bullied by Hitler. Why are you bullying me when I am a man who designs beauty when you French new coffee shop people are not the greatest beauties of humanity yet? I might be gay but I make it up by designing beautiful clothes for you people."

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