Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift to Get Back Together?

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With a new album on the way, Joe Jonas is about to embark on a solo career.

But an insider tells Us Weekly the singer wants to make sweet music again with another famous artist: ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift!

Joe Jonas at the VMAs
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Might we soon witness the return of Toe?

"He wants her back," the tabloid claims. "He wants to show her he's a changed man and would love to see what's possible between them."

Joe, of course, infamously dumped Taylor via a 27-second phone call in 2008, which led to back-and-forth barbs by the artists in multiple singles.

Swift recounted the split in "Forever and Always" and then went after Joe's, rebound, Camilla Belle, in "Better Than Revenge" and in this interview. Jonas, meanwhile, sang about "superstars and all the tears on her guitar" in "Much Better."

But now the pair is "testing the waters" for a relationship, a source says, adding: "They're putting their past behind them. And maybe rekindling an old flame."



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I don't see why not, I know he broke her heart but like he said he is a changed man. They can give it a second try.


Taylor,i don't want anyone to break your heart again,but i think you look good with Joe Jonas although he's a heart breaker!!!*-*


Joe please don't do this. She's BITCH! this is'nt good idea rely...


Tay- You are an amazing person and Love Joe to death but I think you would be great with Adam from Owl City like your song Enchanted says.... Dont you think? I did like you with Taylor & Toby also Jake but am so tired of guys mistreating you and breaking your heart... You deserve a great guy take a chance on Adam.... seems like you both would hit it off and he wouldnt hurt you plus looks like u guys have some things in common!


oh! i still love joe jonas.he has a freedom.we all know that.


Taylor, PLEASE forget about Joe - he's not worth it!

Taylor elizebeth

i hate joe jonas to he aks like hes all that lioke really dude get a ego check




Love Joe but all his girlfriends have been beautiful and talents girls and he still cannot commit and make a relationship work. Think the guy needs a few more years to grow up before he is ready for a committed relationship. He's hot young rich and famous so cannot really blame him for wanting to play around for a few more years but from a girls point of view he's bad news.

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