Joe Giudice: Cheating on Teresa with Random Woman at Friday's?

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TGIF? Not for Teresa Giudice.

A witness tells Radar Online that this Real Housewife's husband may be cheating on her because he had an allegedly cozy meal with another woman at a T.G.I. Friday's on Tuesday night in Clifton, New Jersey.

The Giudices

Joe and this rumored mistress were "in a booth," the onlooker claims and "were drinking martinis and when the woman finished hers she took a sip out of Joe’s glass, too. They looked like they were having a good time together and laughing with each other."

This isn't the first time Joe has been accused of possessing a wandering eye and/or other body parts. A report last year said the guy likes strippers.

The other woman appeared to be in her late 20s or early 30s, the witness says, adding that things got REALLY steamy later in the night:

After a waiter brought the pair wet naps, the lady opened hers and “wiped Joe’s hands off with hers. It was really intimate to see her touching his hands like that."

We can imagine! It's getting hot in here just thinking about this. Sorry, Teresa, but it's time to hire a divorce lawyer.

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Joe is an asshole. This is why Teresa is so sensitive when it comes to her girlfriends. I think Jacqueline is a basket case, and cries for no reason. I think Teresa, who is slowly re-inventing the English language, last night there was a new word, "ingrediences." Anyway, this is why Teresa, who is a bright and attractive woman, is jealous of her sister-in-law who has a wonderful marriage, and of Caroline and Kathy. She should divorce that loser and move on. She has much to offer and makes her own $$!!!!


She can't even speak the english language, not real bright. Only has what she has because of her husband and he's a low life I have to believe he swindles everyone he comes in contact with I know the type. She's really obnoxious and so is he. The kids are nothing but spoiled brats, tantrum throwing little brats. Nothing more than trailer trash in a big house they don't own and probably don't pay for.


I think Teresa is just trying to keep it all together, but it's more and more apparent that there are major problems in her life and in her marriage. I don't know if Joe is cheating on her or not, but it's VERY apparent that he is unhappy. He looks beaten down and depressed. I can only imagine how he must feel, having been the sole bread winner and now his wife has to make ends meet. He can't even drive!!! He must feel like such a loser. I commend Teresa for sticking it out and trying to make it work. I'm not on her side or anything, I know she has made major mistakes with the other girls and could change many of her attitudes. But, for the sake of her girls and her marriage, I hope they can work it out and that she and Joe find a way to be that happy couple I saw when the show first started. I just hope she can recognize her flaws, own up to them and make amends where needed.


I used to feel sorry for Teresa. But she's been waving that Italian flag WAY too long ie: We're Italian, that's just how he is, he didn't mean it, he was just joking....
Joe is a mean and selfish man. He is unkind and dispassionate father towards his girls and he is disrespectful and demeaning towards his wife. Because she is unable to accept she has less that a perfect marriage and life and is afraid to confront those truths, she takes her anger and sorrow out on everyone else in her path.
Girlfriend needs some therapy...and FAST.... before he strips her of any self-respect she may have left.




Is anyone really surprised? Joe is so disrespectful to Tre and she
just says," Oh, that's just how he is". Tre is in denial on so many
aspects of her life. She lives above her means, dresses like a
call girl, does not discipline her kids properly, is jealous of
anyone who gets more attention than her, is clueless about how life
really works, and lastly she needs to stop flaunting her body in
front of the other men on the show. Tre will never accept that Joe
is cheating even if she saw it with her own eyes. Sad, very sad.


Teresa is such a phony and a little nuts--living in la-la land. And, she's not very intellient. Can't understand how she have written several cookbooks when she can't pronounce most words. I can only describe Joe in one word, "trash."


Teresa and her husband are BOTH low-life trash.........they PRETEND to have so much but, in reality, they have nothing!!! She obviously has good editors for her cookbooks because the girl can't pronounce words, especially "big" words!! Really????? Really???? Like I said, TRASH.


Well Joe can only afford Friday's...... LOLOL


No way would Joe cheat on Teresa. They are such a cute couple and they have 4 beautiful kids. Sorry, everyone, Joe and Teresa are still my favorites in the show! You can tell by the way they look at each other that they are still in love! Joe and Teresa, don't listen to the haters who are jealous of you guys.