Jill Zarin Responds to Firing, Plans New Reality Show

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Like Alex McCord and Cindy Barshop, Jill Zarin is no longer a Real Housewife of New York City.

Also like Alex McCord and Cindy Barshop, though, Zarin doesn't sound bitter about her firing.

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"I've had four amazing years on The Real Housewives of New York City," Zarin wrote on her website "I'm grateful for the experiences and friendships I've made on the show. I've certainly learned a lot about myself and others. The show has decided to take a different direction and unfortunately I will not be a part of Season five."

Like the aforementioned narcissists, Jill also plugged a product and an alleged new show in her statement:

"For all the people who have supported me and wished me well, you can see me on a new show that will be announced soon. I will also be making personal appearances around the country promoting my new line of shapewear and leggings called SKWEEZ COUTUR."

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These new ladies seem way too classy and intelligent for this show. I'm glad Jill is gone but she did at least fit the mold of a classless, pathetic, and delusional loser who thinks she's wealthy but clearly isn't. Especially in NYC where she is just upper-middle class.


i was disgusted by jill ,louanne ,and kelly ,they are 3 bullies ,the way the bullied alex was a disgrace ,as for THE COUNTESS WELL SHE NEEDS TO REMEMBER WHERE SHE CAME FROM SHES A RED INDIAN I NEVER HEARD OF COUNTESS POKAHONTA she needsto get back to her wig wam shes nothing she should look into alexs family shed get an eye opener me thinks they were like 3 witches


good grief this one of the most delussional trouble making women ive ever seen! Shes a self proclaimed expert on every subject and she offers her bad advice to anyone she thinks is beneath her. I cant imagine what kind of reality show she would be offered i just know not many will want to watch!


Jill and Bethenny were the real thing ! A program together would have been be so COOL. But Beth she is in other thing... Enjoying life!!! And Alex, i think she never could relax or be herself... Really sad ....but I am so glad that Bravo fired The narcisist phsyco bitch , Kelly . I will make a party!!! My God but what a shit thing is she!!!


I love Kelly and Cindy. To me they were the sain ones. Romona, Alex, Luann..hated them. I almost fell off my chair when I heard these girls are not coming back. I will not watch anymore.


Very upset that Jill and Kelly have not been asked back. Will say I enjoyed watching both of you. You made your mistakes, but it was refreshing to watch you both learn and grow from them. We should all take a lesson. As for Alex, and her so called husband, thank God they are finally gone. My real confusion is with Ramona. Why in the hell would they keep her? She is absolutely, the most narcissistic, and immature member of the show. It is painful to watch her. She is just a train wreck. We all watch the show to see what life being rich and privileged is like. I for one, would not trade one dime of romonas to be anything like her


They should have fired Luann not Alex. After all DARRRRRING Luann just stirs the pot and sticks her nose where it should'nt be. I am happy they fired crazy Kelly she was just in her own little world. Jill you have a wonderful loving husband and a beautiful daughter, make time for them and let them know how much you love them. Jill I will miss you on the show.


Goodbye to a "loud Mouth" "bitch" "liar" "backstabber" She doesn't hold a candle to Bethany, and should be ashamed of how she treated such a nice lady! I won't watch anything this terrible Woman is on! And, I would not give her 2 cents for her garmets! Go back to selling garmets, Jill... you had a chance to change the world, or help people, but you took your chance, and showed everyone what a liar, and money grubber you are! Good RIDCANCE


i am so glad jill is fired. she is toxic, rude, jealous, manipulative, and annoying. she lies, twists the truth and is loyal to no one. anyone who watches her shows, or buys her products is crazy in my opinion.


I can not stand the woman for trying to oust Bethenny in the end and then the ring leader of causing acidic relationships...all on television!! I would NEVER watch her, fastword when she is on, and am disgusted by her backstabbing and placing blam on others because she doesnt know how to take responsibility for her actions. Liar Liar pants now on fire...forget the squeeez undergarments and use the money invested to go back to charm school and buy a new personality. Kelly is a follower of Jill but she works on 1/8th a brain as it is, steels ideas from others, and cant think for herself. Bravo listened for once but boy the drama pays the bills but I didnt invest my time last season...just recorded and ran through it in 20min to get the jist and it was so disappointing.