Jessica Simpson Wedding to Be Postponed Due to Giant Boobs?

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Jessica Simpson is considering breast reduction surgery that may push back her November wedding, according to notoriously unreliable tabloid In Touch.

"She thinks if she downsizes her breasts, she will look smaller," a source tells the entertainment news magazine. "She's never loved having a huge chest."

An interesting quote, since it made her about $100 million.

Jessica Simpson, Breasts

Seriously. How does she not fall forward?

"If some weight doesn't come off soon, she might call off the wedding or get surgery," says the source who is obviously BFF CaCee Cobb (just kidding).

"If she does postpone, breast reduction is first on her to-do list."

Simpson plans to marry fiance Eric Johnson in November. Regardless of how accurate it is, this amazing article accomplishes a handful of feats:

  1. Reminding folks Jessica Simpson is still around (thank you)
  2. That she's getting married (we actually sort of forgot)
  3. That she has large breasts (we recalled that part)



Jessica tweeted that she had no plans to have a breast reduction. If you're gonna print idle gossip, at least make sure it's true first!


Jessica what wrong with you, your finance loves you for who you are. Jessica your breast size should not matter you a beautiful woman. Get married and live happily ever after that's all that matters.


J. Simp is just sad. period. shes has such low self-esteemed, and clearly is only defined when shes dating a man. The boobs have nothing to do with your size. If you wanna be smaller, do like every other hollywood chick..hire a out..and watch what you eat. Damn.


I find it really sad thay hollywood puts so much pressure on these women to be super skinny. The stars from the 30s, 40s and 50s werent as skinny as they are today. Jessica is beautiful and should be happy that her man loves her for her. Ppl put way too much emphasis on looks.


Cancel the wedding, never touch your big and fat boobs Miss. Simpson. Your big and fat boobs are there to bitch slap all the whores in the world back in their cages.


Sad and desperate.... Your ex-husband upgraded in the looks department and you downgraded all over the place. Money can't buy you love.....or the desire to stop wearing clunky shoes or unflattering clothing.


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