Jesse James and Kat Von D: It's Over! Again!

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Kat Von D and Jesse James broke up. Again.

The troubled, tattooed couple has called it quits once again, calling off their engagement for the second time this year, Von D revealed on Facebook.

"I am not in a relationship. (And I apologize for all the "back and forth" if it's caused any confusion)," said the star of LA Ink, which TLC broke up with recently.

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The duo called off their engagement in July, for reasons still not entirely clear, only to be back on again and planning a wedding a mere month later.

Now it's off again. As for why they separated, Von D tells People: "It just became clear to me that we were just on two different paths in life."

"My friend put it best ... I am deserving of total, noble love. And as a woman, I think it's important to know your value and never lose sight of that."

So basically ... Jesse fell short of providing that?

Sort of a cryptic comment, but that's all we've got.

With no wedding in the future, Kat also shared she won't be packing up and heading to James' home base: "I am not in any way moving to Texas."

"My tattoo shop is not closing, and is open for business... same goes for my art gallery, Wonderland - next door to High Voltage Tattoo."

"I wish Jesse nothing but the best in life and in love."

No word if she plans to remove her tattoo of his face:


I get so sick of people calling people HUMAN COLOR BOOKS its not there skin I am also covered into tattos and what she does with her body is her choise. Now for her realtionships she can do better but slam her for what she wants out of life.


Is this a joke? Cat move on.. How many men have already left her?
And Jesse, well once a cheater always a cheater.


I laugh at this human coloring book. She helped him cheat on Sandra and then thought he'd give her what??? Respect and love? He'd know her worth? Is she insane? I'm sry ppl, but brangelina is the exception not the norm. A man who would cheat on his wife would certainly not have respect for any woman out there and she should have known that. To them women are just orfices to empty the evidence of their pleasure into. Not someone to cherish and love. Stupid woman.


I have never been a fun of Cat & Jesse. I think she's an ugly stupid bitch and him an aging slob. I don't know why Cat thought she's better than Sandra. Apparently all C**t are the same otherwise my dear bitch Cat, if your c**t was sweeter than Sandra's your man wouldn't be leaving you! And that goes to all you husband snatchers


Who FUCKING cares about these two disgusting scabs on the society page. Take you cheating whoring gross painted shells of humanity and go live in a fucking cave. Quit wasting ink you idiot writers


It is tough to go through a break-up. When I first heard move forward it seemed like forgien talk to my ears...but that is the way I have found it to be after 30 yrs. I still wait to know my next move in life, but I am not afraid to move forward any more.


that stupid tatoo of his ugly what a dumb bitch


It always confuses me that people take the time to read through the gossip, then take further time to post a comment like Mark's! If you don't care, just move on. Anyways, I always thought these two were mismatched. He looks like her grandad.


So she realized that he cheated and was horrible to all the women in his life and that in turn he'd prob do the same or has to her? Hmmm why'd it take her so long to frickin' think about it at all!


@ Free Britney,
By Now you know that I look forward to your headlines and stories, but please give credit where it is due.
Please consider a shout out Birthday Wish to some real stars like,
Michael Douglas and his bride of over 10 years,
Catherine Zeta Jones.
How about a shout out birthday wish to Miss Barbara Walters, and let's
Not forget (The Fresh Prince) Will Smith.
These 4 celebrities are Not fly by night tabloid stories, but real star quality A-list stars, and JJ and KVD are Not a part of that A-list circle. Those 2 crazy crayon-laden card carrying characters are only "infamous wannabees." The truth and Nothing but!!

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