Jennifer Aniston: Inside Her Fake Wedding!

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Jennifer Aniston is not getting married anytime soon.

But why let that stop you from scooping her wedding?

That's the question apparently asked by the editorial board at In Touch Weekly, which just devoted its cover to a magical wedding that is in no way being planned by Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. Read all about it!

Jennifer Aniston Wedding Scoop!

Good to hear they're already talking about raising fake babies too.

She and Justin Theroux are moving in together, and their romance is both very real and surprisingly public. But there is no wedding. They're not even engaged!

The lesson in all of this?

Jennifer Aniston is apparently one heck of a magazine seller, 'cause fake news about her expecting twins, getting hitched and stabbing Angelina Jolie in the heart tends to take precedence over actual news about any other celebrity.


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well nothing she has not brought on herself I do not think she really knows the difference between someone who cares and someone just using her huh truly


I know all to well how pr works with the media and whether it's positive or negative, Jennifer Aniston as well as all other spotlighted people have learned to deal with it or will need to ultimately. I've been catching my own criticism from radio and tv media and am still looking for something career moving from it. Which is why I'm anonymous. Sadly it eventually can affect you, we are all only human. It's too bad that a media driven society dictates that negative dished out dirt makes people feel better about their own lives rather than true,positive, uplifting news! Jennifer I hope you do find true love, you just never know where he really is!? hint..hint.


1) Why does anyone care? 2)Did anyone notice that most of these posts have terrible gramer and mispelled words. Its kind of weird.


she got her self pregnet and now the hot girl in my life is getting marryed and haveing twins and im not happy i wanted to see her in person and see how sexy she really is and now i cant jennifer a ilove you why not me

Wendi clark

By Chance.. all I can ask is "jealous much?"




i think jennifer aniston is just a hot commodity everyone wants to know about, even if it's a complete lie. she is a great actress and honestly she doesn't need pr opportunities handed to her. i am more than sure she can easily land acting roles...that is for sure. and if this is just for show, well it worked didn't it? people are commenting on this so it must be hot news. :)


Shame on In Touch


It is her talent to make gossip. She is a joke

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