Jennifer Aniston Goes "Ballistic" Over Brad Pitt Comments, Report Says

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For a notoriously private guy, Brad Pitt surprisingly opened up a can of worms with his comments about his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston in Parade magazine.

Remarks the actress and her camp are said to have "gone ballistic" over.

Regardless of the Moneyball star's intentions, saying he wasn't leading an interesting or fulfilling life pre-Angelina Jolie, and that he was "trying to pretend my marriage was something that it wasn't" reated a PR firestorm.

Jen Aniston: Blindsided By Brad!

How did the former Mrs. Pitt react? "She was annoyed," a pal close to the Horrible Bosses star says. "She thought that it was rude and inappropriate."

Team Aniston angrily reached out to Pitt's representatives, according to Us Weekly, and "They got his team involved and Brad was read the riot act."

Within 24 hours, Pitt had surprisingly released a statement clarifying and lamenting the pretend marriage comment while praising his former spouse.

Jen "is an incredibly giving, loving and hilarious woman," Brad swears.

Still, the Pitt source says, despite his claims that it was all spun wrong, "no one believes his words were taken out of context - he said what he said."

Why say that in any context? Yhough Pitt is clearly happy with Angelina Jolie and their kids, "We think he's jealous [Jen's] in love," the source says.


I remember when Brad Pitt was married to Jennifer and he went on Oprah. Oprah asked Brad if Jenn was his soulmate, and he said he didn't believe in soulmates. I knew right then, Brad was not in love with Jenn. He did her a favor. Who wants to be with a man who's only with you because he's comfortable and your safe?

@ Ranah

It was actually Jennifer who said that.


I don't see the big deal. Jenn needs to get over Brad Pitt. That's the problem. His opinion means too much to her. And I doubt Brad Pitt is jealous of Jenn's 5 seconds long relationship. She's had several of them since he's been with Angelina.


Jen has been desperate for a man ever since Brad left her. And.....Brad IS much more interesting since hooking up with Angie!


when there is a past relasionship that ended in divorse, it's best not to say anything about it specially if it is the past. Nomatter how good we try to word it it always sounds bad. now this is for the bradjenlina. Avoid talking about your personal lives to the media. that just feeds the gossiping.


Brad Pitt is a prick and Jen needs to stop acting like a victim. This is long past, and still ongoing.

@ Sarah

and you know Brad personally to say that. I think it came down to having children, and Jen kept putting it off, she still does!


Brad Pitt is an Insecure person. He lets Angelina WALK over HIM and the Children! If she said...Brad JUMP! He'd say HOW HIGH? She's Psychotic and the best to the both of them. They deserve each other. Go live in your Cave! Jennifer is Genuine and that's the Truth!


I think Brad should stop trying to cover his ass & apoligize to Jennifer. I don't think Jen should give an ounce of attention to Brads commits, really who cares what a lieing jerk has to say. Jennifer is the all American girl next door, I can relate to what I read about her. If Jen chooses to be a mom one day, with such a loving spirit, of course she will make a great mom and you can bet she won't be letting her kids eat crickets. At her income level, of course she needs to be cautious not to get into another nightmare, drug addict marriage. I respect her for not jumping right into a commitment of marriage & children. She has a long career ahead of her, in which I'm sure she has her hands full.
I am in full protest of seeing movies that Brad Pitt is in. He isn't worth my money!


I thought Brad's comments about Jennifer, were thoughtless and cruel. He later stated he was just trying to build his present love, angie up as a wonderful mother, partner, etc. So, if that is really the case, you can do that without trashing your ex. So I found the above reason, a lame excuse for him to try and save face. He needs to come clean and admit that he put his foot in his mouth and give Jennifer a sincere apology. Actually, I think he is jealous of Jennifer's happiness and his anger got the better of him! Sorry Brad, she's in love with a great guy and you blew it!


Heaven forbide if Brad gets bored! Now what kind of man/husband/person is that?! Brad has been VERY fickle with all his past girlfriends and he is as shallow as a mud puddle. I hope Angelina gets bored with HIM soon and see how HE likes it!


Geez, why doesn't anyone else get so much grief for commenting on their past relationship like he does? He took a beating for ending it and now another for trying to explain himself without even dissing her. Don't worry Brad - no explanation necessary. The way you live your life with your big beautiful family speaks volumes. May God bless all of you.

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