Jennifer Aniston Goes "Ballistic" Over Brad Pitt Comments, Report Says

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For a notoriously private guy, Brad Pitt surprisingly opened up a can of worms with his comments about his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston in Parade magazine.

Remarks the actress and her camp are said to have "gone ballistic" over.

Regardless of the Moneyball star's intentions, saying he wasn't leading an interesting or fulfilling life pre-Angelina Jolie, and that he was "trying to pretend my marriage was something that it wasn't" reated a PR firestorm.

Jen Aniston: Blindsided By Brad!

How did the former Mrs. Pitt react? "She was annoyed," a pal close to the Horrible Bosses star says. "She thought that it was rude and inappropriate."

Team Aniston angrily reached out to Pitt's representatives, according to Us Weekly, and "They got his team involved and Brad was read the riot act."

Within 24 hours, Pitt had surprisingly released a statement clarifying and lamenting the pretend marriage comment while praising his former spouse.

Jen "is an incredibly giving, loving and hilarious woman," Brad swears.

Still, the Pitt source says, despite his claims that it was all spun wrong, "no one believes his words were taken out of context - he said what he said."

Why say that in any context? Yhough Pitt is clearly happy with Angelina Jolie and their kids, "We think he's jealous [Jen's] in love," the source says.


Annette i feel the same way about Jolie...she knew Brad was married!!!!! ALTHOUGH IT DOES TAKE TWO TO TANGO...she should not have finished...or started that relationship...whomever initiated it....


It will not be long before all of them back for both former partners to hurt!


Nebude dlouho trvat a vše se jim vrátí za to jak ublížili bývalým partnerům


You know, Mr. Brad cattle with angina do not you read what she has taken over Laura Dern Billy B.. Torontna is hurt and ashamed as you believe it is good and help a good man? Everything is a game! Even they are not happy with those smiles are falešný.Proto Brad Jennifer remembers the jealous and like an idiot now it is finally happy and Jolie too! because now it will not be able to walk shoulder to cry on when his Trampoline not want to and it happens both are without honor! just actors and remain hercema everything is fake ! if Brad was not afraid to fuck the maid but even she would beat him! weakling


She actually has made more comments than he has. This is the first one I have ever heard him say. Jennifer's good friend Chelsey Handler called Angelina terrible things in public .... maybe he wants people to know their marriage had problems before he met Angelina. She is the mother of his kids.


Brad's comments were miss understood in my opinion. What he was saying is that he was going through the motions during his marriage to Jennifer. She on the other hand is a fake, through and through she would'nt no sincere honesty if she tripped over it. She is a Hollywood format. QED


I don't understand why he said those things now the old brad wouldnt have said those things wouldnt of even touched the subject I dont care what anyone thinks I think he said those things for a reason and that thing is called jealousy since he left her she's met Mr wrong this time it might be a promising thing for her I hope that it is.what if she married him and had a baby I'm afraid of what might come out of his mouth then.


Since so many people do not watch Brad and Angelina's movies anymore it was futile for him to make those remarks because now he looks worse than before and all those apologies are a waste of time. After what he said now we all know that he was the culprit who hurt Jen and unfortunately for him and her partner people are watching them. You see for this reason women will always pushed their husbands away from women who are bully, husbands stealers. there are a lot of women who do not believe they can find their own husbands they have to steal someone else's husband and they have the nerves of telling people the opposites. "Someone did that to my mother I would never while they turn around and did the same thing. Stop before you act women.


Brad is an asshole and Angie is a psycho. She's proved that over the years with her experimenting with heroin, coke, pot, sexual relations with anything that has a heartbeat, and her obsession with Jennifer. It seems that Brad still has feelings for Jen but is so pussywhipped by Angie that he's gotta sneak off to smoke a joint cuz she gets pissed. Who wears the pant in that family? Angie can't stand that Jen has a good relationship with Brad's mom.
Angie uses her kids for good photo ops. Some say the kids run wild, are rude, spoiled brats. No wonder with a mother like Angie.


Brad is a jerk and Angelina needs help. She has obvious mental issues dating way back- Jen is a balanced, healthy person and not drawn to emotional fits. If Brad thinks being "not so needy" is boring then that's on him. Angie is a needy woman Jen is not! I don't watch any movie with Brad or Angie in it- they did wrong and continue to try and turn it around- they are both sick!! Just leave Jen alone man- she was humiliated and hurt, but she has gone on- she's too good for Brad Pitt!

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