Jenelle Evans: NO Jail Time For Savage Beating!

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Jenelle Evans will somehow go to jail for eviscerating Britany Truett in a fight back in March. The Teen Mom star was given a 30-day suspended sentence today.

Evans was charged with simple affray, which is less bad than the aggravated assault she arguably could have been hit with, and also got 12 months probation.

If she stays clean for a year, she'll avoid jail. We'd say that's a toss-up ...

Evans was fined $100, must take anger management courses, do community service, and have zero contact with the girl whose face she smashed to a pulp during the fight or the pathetic lowlifes who cheered the train wreck on (above).

As for Britany Truett, she received the same sentence even though she took about 79 punches while landing close to none. Seriously, she got whomped.

Jenelle Evans' attorney says the sentence was fair, given that "it came out that it wasn’t Janelle being the aggressor and Ms. Truett as the victim."

"It was presented as a bad decision on everybody’s part," the lawyer adds. "I don’t think that there was a single victim in the case.”

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Jenelle is just white trash PERIOD. What a wonderful role model for her son. I feel sorry for that baby he has no hope to have to normal life.


Teens will fight. There is nothing wrong with that. Kids will be kids!


Jenelle's mum seems crazy. It seems's she doesn't care about her own child at all so no wonder Jenelle gets into trouble time after time.


...if the bitch's ass had been anything but white...her ass would have been thrown in the pookey. It is an f~ing whiteman's world.


I'm guessing this is the standard sentence for what they charged them with. I think if the charge were assult it would have been more harsh. Why it was not I don't know. This was not some little slap and hair pulling thing, this was a full out beat down. Besides, I thought Jenelle was on probation for another charge already? Getting arrested for this would violate probation right? Can you be put on probation for 2 things at the same time? I admit I know nothing about North Carolina criminal law so maybe it is possible.


Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans Cat Fight with Woman Britany Video here


the ones pushing her should get in more trouble than any of them..should have been more clear..


that little girl should have her butt wooped! The people that was pushing her is who started it..I dont think she really wanted to fight the other girl but she let "peer pressure" beat her and she should have been taught a BIG lesson for what she did..


This is so retarded like get threw ur thick head that u are now a mother and its time to grow up!!! I think she should have gotton jail time!!! I am proud to say that i was a teen mom and this is no way to act!!! grow up!!!


Everyone there that was cheering them on should face charges. That kind of mob-like action is defiantly disturbing.