Is It Baby Time for Kim Kardashian?!?

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The most annoying celebrity on the planet is late, folks. For her next red carpet appearance? No.

“She was supposed to get her period and didn’t," a source close to Kim Kardashian (VERY close to Kim Kardashian, apparently) tells OK! Weekly.

Baby Time for Kim?

Of course, nowhere on this cover does it actually say Kim is pregnant, just that it's "baby time," a child is "on the way" and that the reality star is "showing already." If Kardashian were actually knocked up, the Internet would have exploded hours ago.

“Kim always thought she’d have several kids by age 30, so in her mind she’s behind schedule," an insider tells the tabloid. “Kim’s been going through all the K names. She even has a baby-name book and looks up the meaning of each one.”

Considering the family into which this kid will be born, permit us a suggestion: klusterfuck. Kim, you can call us for the meaning of that one.

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the fame will run out when people stop watching the shows and reading every stupid note...people criticize but they watch the show so do not complaint.


Divorced within 5 years-any takers?? I got $5 on it! lol


Gee Whiz!!
I most certainly hope that gaudy looking getup that Kim is posing in with those Herman Munster tilted over platforms is Not a part of her Kardashian Klothing line!!


If she really is pregnant how much is the E network going to pay her. I am not saying that she does not want kids I am just saying that they are all about the MONEY and she BANKED on her fake wedding
So I know that they have to be in neg. for how much to pay them if she gets preggo omg that poor child not that they are abusive they are all just so annoying


I can't wait till the kardashians "fame" runs out. It makes me sick to see all the attention they get. Let's all be real, if it wasn't for that homemade porn video nobody would know who the kardashians are. I've said it before, I give her credit for what she's done seeing how she has no talents. The kardashians are great buiseness women. That being said I wish they would just go away like Paris Hilton finally did (thank god).


Your exactly right tha truth she's laughing all the way to the bank, cuz even bad publicity is better then no publicity! remember what they say: "don't worry when everybody is talking about you, worry when everybody stops talking about you"


c wut i mean,@THG...yall love talkin ish bout her, yet yall live up n her azz! WOW!!!! .i bet u she laugh'n her azz off @ all yall haterz