Is Brenda Song Pregnant?

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It's become one of the most pressing celebrity gossip questions of our time, right up there with: How low will Taylor Armstrong sink?

Disney actress Brenda Song was spotted inside a Sherman Oaks mall this week with boyfriend Trace Cyrus... and a baby bump? You tell us:

Brenda Song and Trace Cyrus

In late August, insiders claimed the couple was expecting its first child, yet Song's mom then came out and shot down the rumor. But is she simply in denial? Why has Brenda not issued a simple statement denying the story?

One can't tell much by the photo above, due to Brenda's baggy clothes. Unless the baggy clothes themselves are a clue! We'll stop speculating now and turn it over to readers: Do you think Song is pregnant?


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All haters are morons but if Ms song is a new Oregon that's what's up ever grows up guys its called life duh


wow... this is fake! Mostly every Gossip is about Pregnancy . Total Fake. even if it was real It's none of your Business


brenda you are awesome if you are pregnant that is your business its your life!!


if Brenda Song is pregnant i hope miley doesnt get all the attention. when this rumor started everyone on twitter was like "OMG MILEYS AN AUNT!! :) :)" when really Brenda should be the one getting attention. But i already know that when Brenda has the baby all Mileys fans will go crazy and Brenda will be left in the dust. so sad. Brendas very pretty & trace is ugly :/ not saying he's not sweet and talented just saying hes ugly


The question was do you think She's prego bot is trace ugly


i really didnt know that she was pregnanat and even if she is why do you guys have to epose it whyn


I think she's pregnant and if she is good 4 her if she's not hopefully gets married and has a child then(when she's not famous and older). If she was never famous u guys really wouldn't be commenting so u should just stop and mind ur own buisness.


i think that is really BAD/SAD if she is having a baby (THERE NOT MARRIED) but i don't really know i hope its not true i really do.


i agree with
what tif said:
Seriously guys, stop saying Trace is covered with tattoos and therefore isn't good for Brenda. It's Brenda's choice, not yours. Personally, I'm not a fan of tats, but Trace looks like he could be a nice person. If Brenda is really pregnant, congrats! If she isn't, stupid rumours morons make up. Leave them alone!
he mite have tattoos who cares! if Brenda loves him who cares! if shes prego i hope they get married and have a happy life!


OK if Brenda is really pregnet so thats her business and they are not perfect for each other but if she wants him we don't care cause thats her own life.