Is Brenda Song Pregnant?

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It's become one of the most pressing celebrity gossip questions of our time, right up there with: How low will Taylor Armstrong sink?

Disney actress Brenda Song was spotted inside a Sherman Oaks mall this week with boyfriend Trace Cyrus... and a baby bump? You tell us:

Brenda Song and Trace Cyrus

In late August, insiders claimed the couple was expecting its first child, yet Song's mom then came out and shot down the rumor. But is she simply in denial? Why has Brenda not issued a simple statement denying the story?

One can't tell much by the photo above, due to Brenda's baggy clothes. Unless the baggy clothes themselves are a clue! We'll stop speculating now and turn it over to readers: Do you think Song is pregnant?


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Leave them alone there happy y'all should b happy if u like her as a friend or boy's more than a friend u shouldn't b downing her. And nobody should have voted on if u think shes pregnant or not and if u voted u should have voted that its none of ur business lord have some type of back bone and leave them alone. Dangtbey got they on live now shut up


O mind ur business nobody knows the truth so nobody should be downing that boy... half y'all probably ugly y'all selves so shut up because if she is pregnant than let it b.. and nobody should b voting about


She is so pregnet!!!!!!!!


I think that Brenda Song And Trace Cyrus are not perfect for
Each other!!!!!


I think that brenda song and Trace Cyrus
Is not perfect for each other!!!!


She is totally preganet dying trace ur a gaywad


dude thats miley cyrus' brother.... XD


it is there buissnes so what u think dosent matter to them he may not be the hottest and smarttest but they are happy and thats all that matters so shut up with your dumb comments you have your own lives so worrry about yours they look like they have it under controll so just lrave them alone by the way a shout out to breanda and chays good luck and start thinking about marrige and names boy or girl i bet your be very happy and brenda i do hope i see you behind camera so much more and chase or your lookr the baby will be beatful and i hope you and snookie become friends so you can talk about things because there probly not the happiest campers but breanda your mom has breast cancer shouldt you get that sorted things out with that but im sure she feels blessed thoe just make sure this is your dessison and its finnal befor you to sure its a lot of work i hope many years of happnes and your getting things sorted i love u and good luck


No she is fat dats all damn let her breathe


Who would have a baby with him he looks descusting i would never go near him let alone sleep with him