Irish Farmer to Rihanna: Put Those Things Away!

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Rihanna put on quite a show in a field in Ireland earlier this week.

Turns out the bikini photos we saw were some of the tamer ones. Filming her new music video for "We Found Love," the singer stripped down to just a bandana bra and then eventually went full-on topless in the great outdoors.

Pretty standard, right? Not in everybody's mind.

Rihanna Cleave

Some people might tolerate, even encourage a topless Rihanna to do her thing on their property. But the farmer who owned this particular field did not.

He felt it was "inappropriate" and politely asked the singer to either put it away or start filming her new video elsewhere. Yeesh. Show some respect!

"We Found Love" is the first single from her upcoming album, scheduled for a November 21 release. Take a listen to the hot track after the jump ...


Rhianna is the poster girl for daddy issues.


Well lets see. Why does Rihanna have to strip down and show her naked body and its still not enough to turn on the men? Is the world finally become as the Bible says it will be? Without natural affection? Nothing is left to the imagination anymore, everything is graphic, in your face. No modesty. No respect for women. The land has been turned to whoredom. Apparently there are no laws governing it. And I imagine the poor farmer new what was transpiring when he accepted the rental monies for the use of his land. He needed the money. Now he has to pretend hes offended so he can hold his head up in his community when they leave. Its ridiculous! Probably a publicity stunt. Give the girl a break. She shows no feeling or emotion in her face anyway! So let her dance for you with no expression. Thats what we expect from her and its still not enough. Only sadness.


If she has confidence in her talent, in her case her vocal skills,
she doesn't have to use her body to distract from it. Pure talent will always stand out and be remembered.


It's amazing that someone so talented finds the need to act like a slut. I dislike her for representing women so poorly. Raunchy Rihanna is what she should call herself. Glad I'm not raising a teenage daughter who would likely idolize her. She's irresponsible with her fame.


She's a pig. Any person with talent doesn't need to strip down to nothing to sell their music. I have to laugh at how women throughout the last 40 years have wanted equal treatment etc. but so many women today still do what attracts an some skin. It's a cheap and easy way to make money. Are there any modest women anymore?


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