Irish Farmer to Rihanna: Put Those Things Away!

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Rihanna put on quite a show in a field in Ireland earlier this week.

Turns out the bikini photos we saw were some of the tamer ones. Filming her new music video for "We Found Love," the singer stripped down to just a bandana bra and then eventually went full-on topless in the great outdoors.

Pretty standard, right? Not in everybody's mind.

Rihanna Cleave

Some people might tolerate, even encourage a topless Rihanna to do her thing on their property. But the farmer who owned this particular field did not.

He felt it was "inappropriate" and politely asked the singer to either put it away or start filming her new video elsewhere. Yeesh. Show some respect!

"We Found Love" is the first single from her upcoming album, scheduled for a November 21 release. Take a listen to the hot track after the jump ...


I wish Rhianna wears more dresses and skirt during days when she doesn't spread her legs while singing. Rhianna is killing her baby feminine side with all that manly poses. If Rhianna is bisexual then that is ok, but if Rhianna is straight then wear some simple damn dresses and simple skirts would you?

John e

Rihanna,Has no class.Enough said


use a little more class, rihanna. you do not need to bare parts of your body to get already get a lot of fans just the way you not turn out to be another LADY GA GA.


Poor farmer! Probably never saw a citified slut before!


its not like it was nessacary for her to go doesnt matter who the celebrity is.


Big deal she's showing her boobies, halle berry did it as well as got grudge fucked by a guy named billy bob and won an oscar, she's young and has a nice body if she wants to show it off so be it, maybe the farmer was just religuos or his wife was pissed too so he had to stop it! Just let her do her thing, some girls who aren't famous like to flaunt it and just cuz she famous doesnt make her a slut or a bad person, yea maybe u wouldn't want ur daughter watchin it or doin it, but u don't want them doin a lot of shit that could be worse then dancing with your boobies out


I wonder why people are mentioning da women, hw we want equal rights?, yeah we want equal ryts coz nothin sucks lyk oppression , but wait a second dat is rihanna not 'women', sh aint presenting any 1 but herslf, her fame n hr music nt women, so plz excuse da word women


Please Rihanna is not a slut!!!Rihanna doesnt need to strip down to make money she is doing it already !!! U guys are just ppl who like to spread negativty around she is sooooooo pretty and she has the body!!!!lets sit here and make statement over someone we dont know personally!! the farmer was just made he couldnt get that u ppl really need to get a life I LOVE RIHANNA!!!!


She is not a pig and I don't believe everything that the media says either.


They all take their clothes off look at Kim Hodashian she does it all the time even getting the most annoying award and yet she has all these followers on twitter.


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