Inflammatory Casey Anthony Jail Video to Be Released?

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Casey Anthony may already be America's most hated person, but the public may see an even more controversial side of the infamous Florida resident. 

A media group is arguing for the release of a jailhouse video of Casey watching TV news reports indicating police found human remains in the woods.

Those remains turned out to be her missing daughter, 2-year-old Caylee.

Casey Anthony, Hair

Her reaction - doubled over, hyperventilating, asking for a sedative is striking, however, because the remains had not yet been identified as Caylee.

The tape was sealed by a judge in 2009, after he said it would be too inflammatory and prejudicial to a jury. It was never played at her murder trial.

Now that the trial is over - and Casey Anthony has been acquitted of murder - several media outlets believe the video should become public record.

Judge Belvin Perry is expected to rule on the matter this week.

Meanwhile, the 25-year-old Anthony - reportedly broke, reviled and alone since her acquittal - is doing "well" in therapy, according to a close source: "She hopes she will someday redeem herself and live a productive life." Good luck with that.


The tape as evidence really.wouldn't have made a difference. Any conclusions drawn from it would be sheer speculation - she made no admissions.(i believe,) her reaction could be interpreted a number of ways. Like "mother's intuition" kicking in - hearing the age and location of the find, she just knew (yeah, right) and freaked. I do believe she is and will continue to live in hell on earth. I think being out is worse than prison for her. She's broke, can't get s job


so, this is a huge piece of evidence against her,why the hell was it not used?


I agree with the both of you. Showing the tape will not send her to jail nor with this little girl back. I think we should leave Casey alone. The more we investigate the more popular she will become and eventually she will start doing interviews and getting paid for it. I make a promise to myself not to read anything more about this woman. She does not deserve the attention rather it be positive or negative.


LET THIS GO?? WTF this bitch murdered her 2 yr old daughter so that she could get high and fuck the full sail class of 20o9...casey deserves to live in hell on earth the rest of her life. Mother-F.


i surely wish they'd let this GO!!! Y wud ppl want 2 press a tape being show'd?!? I mean, plz let this lil girl RIP...f Caysey did do it, she will reap wut she sow!!!