Holly Durst and Blake Julian: Engaged!

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Somebody had better go check on Mike Stagliano right about now.

Holly Durst and Blake Julian, whose chemistry on Bachelor Pad was palpable but led to his elimination on this week's episode, have since gotten engaged!

He clearly had a thing for her, but wow. Anyone see that coming?

Holly Durst on Bachelor Pad
Blake Julian Picture

Monday on Bachelor Pad, Holly handed Blake a note at the rose ceremony – right as he was about to get the boot - saying that it wasn't the end for them.

That turned out to be rather telling.

The pair, both 28, flirted all season long, but their courtship was always complicated, given that Durst's former fiancé Stagliano was also on the program.

And wanted her back desperately.

Meanwhile, Blake (a castoff from Ashley Hebert's season of The Bachelorette) also got with psycho Melissa Schreiber and was wooed by nut job Erica Rose.

Freed from the confines of that wild and crazy mansion, however, Holly and Blake's love was allowed to shine. Congratulations to the engaged couple!

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Holly was my student when she was in high school. She is far from a heartless "slut" as many people have labeled her. Rather, she is a sweet, genuine kid who has fallen into the gripe of the Reality Show Woodchipping Machine, which spits out bits of you to be poured over by an ignorant and unsuspecting viewership. Give the kid a break from your harsh, cynical microscope!


There are no restrictions on how many people a single 28 year old can date. Holly didn't marry Michael. They had not been engaged since 2010. Evidently she saw he wasn't right for her...and vice versa. Good for them, they that they are both going on with their lives. The attraction between Blake and Holly was very strong and evident.


I like Holly and Blake as a couple. Its obvious they are in love. Michael needs to get over it. Yeah, that psycho Melissa wished she had him. It was funny how Erica made moves on him on their date too. Blake is attractive.


Everyone keeps talking about how he broke her heart, but in reality she was the one that called off the engagement first. A couple days later she made a mistake and wanted him back. They tried but Michael couldn't commit to her. I don't blame him for having trust issues. If someone says yes to your proposal and then says they are having second thoughts you would question that commitment and have second thoughts about getting back together with them. In the end it all worked out for Holly and Blake. I'm sure Michael will find someone was well. He seems to be a genuinely good guy (which is hard to come by these days), he is funny, and cute. I hope he finds happiness as well.


i think holly acts like a total slut she was with jessie broke his heart but he is happily married then off to michael engaged broke his heart now blake how many men will she sleeps with i am sure she is glad this show is on so she can see how many men she will be with, holly how come deanna is still engange to the same person how many men have to bed u b4 u bcome fulfilled


Micheal had his chance for 3 months he broke her heart & wanted nothing to do with until blake was in the picture. She deserves a great guy!I wish them all the best!


Soooo happy for both of them! I'm really rooting for them and I hope that it lasts. Blake is hotttt! Anyway, I hope this is a true love story, because it was really inspiring to watch.


Holly is awesome I love both of them! I think they are a super cute couple and holly isn't a slut she's just a girl with feelings!


This woman is a total slut. This is her third engagement with someone from the Bachelor. She is going to use him, spit him out with the others and then set her sight on someone else. I hope Blake realizes this - no one needs someone like this in their life


Blake is super hot! He needs to dump Holly and marry me