Happy 27th Birthday, Prince Harry!

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Prince Harry of Wales, the UK's most eligible bachelor, turns 27 today.

For a guy nicknamed The Spare and so often living in Prince William's shadow, he's quite a mover and shaker. But don't expect any crazy revelry this evening.

Harry is spending the day at RAF Wattisham airfield, where he's in the final stage of intense training for Apache helicopters. The pilot's #1 priority is to be redeployed to the front lines immediately, if not sooner. Pretty cool dude ...

Prince Harry of Wales Photo

If he ever needs a second career, he proved himself a natural Monday when he attended charity day at London's BGC financial firm. Harry took the call that shattered the world's record for the biggest currency trade ever - nearly $29 billion.

Short story: It's Harry's world. We just live in it. Sometimes Chelsy Davy in particular shares company with the hunk, though their status is always a question mark.

Anyway, in honor of HRH's birthday, enjoy these Prince Harry pics:

  • Harry of Wales
  • Prince Harry of Wales
  • Captain Prince Harry
  • Chelsy and Harry
  • Handsome Royalty
  • Prince Harry of Wales Picture
  • William's Younger Brother
  • Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton Photo
  • Prince Harry in Uniform
  • Hot Prince Harry Picture
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Happppy Birthdayyyyy! Prince Henry! ur real name, not harry!!! enjoy! ur birthday live happily and continue to be the most wonderful man. I know you to be. always look up you are so very very special. I am so proud of you, my little prankster. Love You. D.+


Harry happy birthday :)


This guy has the best job in the world. He gets to be a Prince - yet has no pressure on him to get married and/or have kids. Lucky bastard (if some rumors are to be believed, that is a literal term). ;-)

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