Happy 27th Birthday, Prince Harry!

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Prince Harry of Wales, the UK's most eligible bachelor, turns 27 today.

For a guy nicknamed The Spare and so often living in Prince William's shadow, he's quite a mover and shaker. But don't expect any crazy revelry this evening.

Harry is spending the day at RAF Wattisham airfield, where he's in the final stage of intense training for Apache helicopters. The pilot's #1 priority is to be redeployed to the front lines immediately, if not sooner. Pretty cool dude ...

Prince Harry of Wales Photo

If he ever needs a second career, he proved himself a natural Monday when he attended charity day at London's BGC financial firm. Harry took the call that shattered the world's record for the biggest currency trade ever - nearly $29 billion.

Short story: It's Harry's world. We just live in it. Sometimes Chelsy Davy in particular shares company with the hunk, though their status is always a question mark.

Anyway, in honor of HRH's birthday, enjoy these Prince Harry pics:

Harry of Wales
Prince Harry of Wales
Captain Prince Harry
Chelsy and Harry
Handsome Royalty
Prince Harry of Wales Picture
William's Younger Brother
Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton Photo
Prince Harry in Uniform
Hot Prince Harry Picture

Happy Birthday, Prince Harry. May you have many more. It takes courage to be in the limelight!


A Texas sized Happy Birthday from deep in the heart of Texas.
I have gransons older than you and if they never do anything worse than you have done, I'll be the happiest GRAMMSaround. Love your spunk dear boy...


Just to wish Harry a very happy birthday and I will pray for many more to come. I lost my son in 1996 when he was only 22 and so I pray for Harry that God will keep him pure and make him a thorough gentleman that people will respect


hi henry, i'm your avid fan. And i just want to tell you that you are my ultimate crush! I hope you'll concieve me very soon...!!!! hehehe.. JOKE! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! The most promising bachelor of UK! mwahhhhh..


Good lord is he handsome! Wow.


Happy Birthday and many more ahead you will have a blessed day today because you are still a baby because you are still so young again have a very Happy Birthday Gob Bless


Happy Birthday,Harry!I love you!


Happy Birthday Harry!! Fr. Canada


Happy Birthday, Harry! Hope everything is going well for William and Kate, as well as everyone else in the royal family.


Happy BirthDay Prince Harry. I wish u a very happy,memorable & long life. I really want u to come to India someday. And u will know. people love u a lot here. I mean whole world love u.but we just i don't know its difficult to explain it in a word. Anyways Happy BirthDay again. Plz Read it & Think about it. Its a pretty good idea.

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