Gary Johnson Zings President Obama at GOP Debate

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Why was former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson even at the Republican presidential debate last night? Will he earn more than one percent of the vote? Unclear.

Did he deliver the best line of the night? Unquestionably!

Zinging President Barack Obama for his economic stimulus efforts, the libertarian quipped that "my next-door neighbor's two dogs have created more shovel-ready jobs than this current administration." That's pretty good. Watch:

The joke killed with the audience. But did he rip it off?

Earlier this week, none other than Rush Limbaugh delivered a similar joke on air, discussing his new dog: "The new puppy, honest to God ... more shovel-ready work for me this week than Obama has created in two and a half years."

So what does Rush think of the similarity? "I guess I've become show prep for the GOP debates now, too," Limbaugh joked to the Huffington Post.


good to see the candidates are just quoting rush off the cuff now


Johnson was in the first debate and this last one. I cant help but think that he is being used to split paul votes. I'm a supporter of Johnson but Rons my candidate. Give Johnson the title VP under Paul and give them fair coverage and id say that all the other candidates wouldnt make up 20 percent combined. Also, what is an organization named the hollywood gossip doing in politics?

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