Floyd Mayweather Knocks Out Victor Ortiz, Lays Into Larry Merchant

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Floyd Mayweather may have knocked out Victor Ortiz last night, but he was apparently still itching for a fight afterward ... with sportscaster Larry Merchant.

During the post-fight interview, Floyd started absolutely screaming at HBO's 80-year-old ringside reporter, yelling, "You never give me a fair shake."

"HBO need to fire you," the fighter continued, all up in Merchant's grill. "You don't know $h!t about boxing. You ain't $h!t! You're not $h!t!" Yikes. See below.

Larry Merchant didn't back down, barely even flinching at the outburst and telling the champ: "I wish I was 50 years younger and I'd kick your a$$."

Damn, Mayweather. Who knew, you won by KO, but you still got served.

At least he didn't bring up Floyd's apparent history of wailing on women.


for all of you who call mayweather a joke just look at his record and also if he is such a joke get in the ring yourself


He's also a chiken. He's got some pretty good fighting skills but the heart of a chicken


Floyd Mayweather JR is a joke and should be removed from the sport no class.


I agree, Mayweather's a punk. He showed zero class for the sport. No matter what your feelings or opinions you don't do that to someone who has been in the business longer then he's been alive. Like Merchant or not, Mayweather's comments were not called for, especially to a sport that already has negativity & a falling audience.


he is soooooo damn gorgeous 2 me!!!!!! But Floyd plz respect ur elders


Finally someone else sees Floyd Mayweather JUNIOR, for the punk he really is. What a joke. He's a joke, and in my personal opinion definitely was out classed by Larry Merchant. Which isn't that hard too do, when you have none like Mayweather, JUNIOR.

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