Fernando Flores Still Hammering Britney Spears With Lawsuit, Child Abuse Claims

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Fernando Flores really needs to give it up.

Britney Spears' former bodyguard is still suing her, insisting he was sexually harassed by the singer, who he claims “deliberately and recklessly” fed her sons shellfish despite known allergies, landing them in the hospital.

Seriously, dude wants $10 million for this.

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Britney Spears Wrapped Tight

“Despite the fact that Spears, Plaintiff and the children’s nanny all knew they had serious, even life threatening food allergies to seafood, Spears deliberately and recklessly fed her children, Preston and Jayden, crabmeat,” Flores wrote in legal papers.

“When both boys started vomiting, Spears explicitly prevented Plaintiff and the children’s nanny from seeking medical care for the two children.”

When Fernando Flores admonished Spears after the incident, which he claims took place sometime last year, she said: “Mind your own f**king business!”

The 29-year-old then allegedly said: “If he (Flores) doesn’t like it he can f**king leave. I’ll do it again if it bothers him so much; they’re my kids.”

In another incident, ex-cop Flores recalled Spears “seldom supervising or interacting with the children” and showing “favoritism” to Jayden.

And that's not all. Not by any means.

He stormed out of her Calabasas, Calif., mansion after a nude Britney Spears allegedly bent over in a short nightie and bared all in front of him.

Talk about being harassed! Poor guy. *Tear*

When he rejected her naked come-on during a Saturday shift, foulmouthed Spears supposedly snapped, “What are you, a f**king f**got?”

Flores also detailed how he witnessed Spears and her boyfriend - believed to be longtime beau Jason Trawick - having “violent quarrels” in which Spears would yell “F**k You!” and “Get the f**k outta my house!”

You buying any of this? No hands? Anyone?

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Omg guess what breaking news?
everyone has their share of mistakes.you cannot pin the same price tag on a doll after 10 yrs Move on..she has..she has a life now after what happened to her and she learnt from her mistaks...this flores guy orobably got fired by her he got pissed he want revenge....do NOT tell me u believe this sick story


Fernando, honey!!!! Don't you even take the slightest note of what those idiots over here are saying, they are as disgusting, pathetic and depraved of morals as she is!!! It was very corageous of you to go on a limb, the majority of public opinion may be dead against you but you know GOD is with you and you will finally have your justice! @VERA: I'd rather if YOU looked in the mirror instead, you filthy piece of creature! (Or better not, since it will crash for sure) You've got NOTHING of Fernando's charm! You're not even worth him throwing up in yo face! So shut the fak up! Fernando, ALL THE BEST!! YO GO, MATE, MEXICAN STAR, SACHIARE!!!!!!!!


I agree with jaybird!!!


I believe that Britney is the way she is because her parents, MOST OF her relatives, her entourage and other people around her are nothing but a bunch of manipulative and greedy ENABLERS!!! I think that Fernando Flores DEFINITELY has a case!!! Fernando...Stay Strong Dude!!!!


I smell a rat!!!! Yes Brit may be a bit unstable but that's why she is not the primary parent. A totally frivolous lawsuit.


Whether or not Mr.Flores is telling the truth Spears is still a slut and poor excuse for a mother. She was also in a mental institution a few years back because of her insane and erratic behavior! She chopped off all her hair and locked herself in the bathroom with her younger son. I feel sorry for those little boys being forced to have visitation with that lunatic. Mistakes or not, it proves she is mentally unstable. I have the right to dislike her if I choose. There is nothing to like about this no talent slut because she is absolutely worthless and no good.


Myaura: she is a piece of trash and I am entitled to my opinion of her and there is no law saying I must agree with you or anyone else supporting this slut.I do not need to "call you" I don't even know you. She is a poor excuse for a mother and that's why she doesn't have custody.You have problems minding your own business. I am no more a "coward" then anyone else who doesn't like her. Get a life and go crawl back under yoir rock and my opinion stays the same you jerk.


@anonymous-are you out of ur frickin mind?ur supporting a looney tic bodyguard whos a fame whore? britney is now one of the most humble people in the industry...she loves her kids moree than anything
u just love to bring out her mistakes... ur life is confused look at urself in the mirror coward and then call me


Britney Spears should have been sterile.She is a filthy disgusting slut and poor excuse for a mother. She should never be allowed to see those kids again. Mr.Flores does not have to STFU. If she did not want him she should not have tried to seduce him the whore!!!


This Flores guy doesn't give up does he? What a fame and money seeking fool. He's taking advantage of Britney's old erratic behaviours to make false claims about her. Britney loves her children more than her life, there's no way she would abuse them like that. The ex-bodyguard's just mad that he no longer has a decent job.

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