Fernando Flores Still Hammering Britney Spears With Lawsuit, Child Abuse Claims

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Fernando Flores really needs to give it up.

Britney Spears' former bodyguard is still suing her, insisting he was sexually harassed by the singer, who he claims “deliberately and recklessly” fed her sons shellfish despite known allergies, landing them in the hospital.

Seriously, dude wants $10 million for this.

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Britney Spears Wrapped Tight

“Despite the fact that Spears, Plaintiff and the children’s nanny all knew they had serious, even life threatening food allergies to seafood, Spears deliberately and recklessly fed her children, Preston and Jayden, crabmeat,” Flores wrote in legal papers.

“When both boys started vomiting, Spears explicitly prevented Plaintiff and the children’s nanny from seeking medical care for the two children.”

When Fernando Flores admonished Spears after the incident, which he claims took place sometime last year, she said: “Mind your own f**king business!”

The 29-year-old then allegedly said: “If he (Flores) doesn’t like it he can f**king leave. I’ll do it again if it bothers him so much; they’re my kids.”

In another incident, ex-cop Flores recalled Spears “seldom supervising or interacting with the children” and showing “favoritism” to Jayden.

And that's not all. Not by any means.

He stormed out of her Calabasas, Calif., mansion after a nude Britney Spears allegedly bent over in a short nightie and bared all in front of him.

Talk about being harassed! Poor guy. *Tear*

When he rejected her naked come-on during a Saturday shift, foulmouthed Spears supposedly snapped, “What are you, a f**king f**got?”

Flores also detailed how he witnessed Spears and her boyfriend - believed to be longtime beau Jason Trawick - having “violent quarrels” in which Spears would yell “F**k You!” and “Get the f**k outta my house!”

You buying any of this? No hands? Anyone?

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Hell yeah!! I so agree with you .You have made excellent points! In my opinion Spears is a worthless cunt and trying to solicit her pussy to the body guard shows the lowlife she is!!! How disgusting!!! Anyone who likes her must be tone deaf and near blind!


Heck yeah. Glad u agree:D I truly hope, that Ferni's attorney will make the most of himself!Go Ferni!


I so agree with you Iroto!!!! Britney is a worthless piece of shit and should bw punished for her disgusting attitude! She never learned from any of her many mistakes!!! She thinks she is Gods gift to the world! Ha ha!


guys, lay off of britney. yes, she made a few mistakes in the past. but she pulled her act together unlike fellow lindsay lohan. be happy for her. as for this guy fernando, i smell smoke...this guy is a douchebag just trying to make money off of a rich and famous popstar.


My aura STFU you stupid ass!!! You are defending a piece of shit like yourself!!!


myaure: you must be fockin biased and blind to keep defending that nasty as s, it WAS NOT THE FIRST time she would put those kids in danger, she once left them crying in the car and went into a word fight with one of the paparazzis calling him "Fat Fuck", on another occasion she would almost drop her newborn son on the ground, just why do you think she lost the custody over kids, there must have been some certain reasons behind that decision, rite? She is obnoxious, irresponsible and poses a real threat to her surroundings, she demoralises youth and kids but of course, you're throwing the whole logic out of the window since you're one of those nut crazed fanatic jerks, nothing can be done about it just continue your blind love to shitney spears good luck with that! Ass h ole!


@iroto -that was one frickin time you loser
magnetizing other peoples mistakes must be ur lifetime proffesion


Shut up you idiot
She deserves contempt not pity I hope he will be given the entire enchilada of what he is suing her for


Poor Brit! Everyone wants some of her fame! yeah right! he is not getting anything for her!


A mother who drives a car with kids on her lap, gets drunk in front of them, and constantly exposes them to danger doesn't deserve to be called a real mother!
Even on mothers day, both kids would be left with nanny and the Bodyguard (yes, Fernando Flores, the same Bodyguard we're talking abour right now) and they would take them to the park (it's clearly visible in the pics papparazis took one year ago) and provide entertainment, and look after them all day whilst Britney would trash about in the clubs, partying, giving concerts and enjoying life. Perfect example of motherhood, isn't it?! And Yor still calling B.Spears a caring mother? Bullshizzzzzzz!

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