Fashion Week Face-Off: Lindsay Lohan vs. Kim Kardashian

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Lindsay Lohan did her best Kim Kardashian last night, flaunting her chest in a major way on an evening excursion following a New York Fashion Week event.

The 25-year-old and her twin girls, plus her mother Dina, hit Le Bain at the Standard Hotel in NYC, where they hosted a party on behalf of Lovecat magazine.

In related news, Lovecat magazine apparently exists.

Meanwhile, Kim wore a leather blouse to the Sherri Hill Spring 2012 show, not offering much in the way of cleavage, but showcasing her chest nonetheless.

Who do you think was the best dressed? Vote below!

Fashion Face-Off!

Who dressed the best at Fashion Week, Lindsay or Kim? Check out these pics of Lohan and Kardashian and cast your vote! View Poll »


I don't know why the vote is going to Kim Hodashian?,I don't like Lindsay as well but the outfit Kim is wearing is dull and boring and Lindsays is far from that.Kim always has that dumb look on her face I mean really smile for once for real the only time she really smiled was when she had her picture taken holding Mason in her arms.


I say based solely on the outfit that Lindsay wins. WTF is up with that thing Kim has on?? She looks like she belongs in Fashionistas . . . which is a porn about dominatrix and everyone wears leather with cutouts very similar to the thing that Kim is wearing. Hmmmm, and I thought she didn't want to do porn . . . then I say quit going out in public looking like your auditioning for one . . .


Perhaps the media should stop referring to her as actress Lindsay Lohan. If Miss Thing doesn’t start working soon, as an actress, then that adjective will no longer be applicable. Douche bag will be more suitable. Girl, snap out of it. Now.


Lindsey is wack with that bleach blonde hair! She used to be beautiful go back to the natural red! Kim totally won

Team me

They both look like tacky skanks.


I vote for Lindsay!! She do very well but in her carrier she is going down.....


Damn Lindsey...did you even try! Lol..and comparing her to Kim Kar. Come on about kicking her(lindsey) while she's down..lmao(smh)


LL is always a big ol' mess. She just looks messy and probably never showers and has b.o. LOL TRASHY


I wish Lindsay would have her hair done professionally. The color is beyond bad. Her make up is a miss in this pic too. Not a great day for her. Get a stylist!

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