Fashion Face-Off: Pippa Middleton Work Edition!

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Pippa Middleton, the gorgeous 28-year-old little sister of Kate Middleton, still works at her parents' event planning company Party Pieces in London, England.

Given her celebrity status, we get to see how stylish she is on the way to and from the office every day. Witness a couple of her looks from this week below.

Whether it's a swan print shirt dress, navy blue sweater, red flats and a red shoulder bag, or a short, floral red skirt, Pippa sure has a great sense of fashion!

Which ensemble was best? Vote in THG's Fashion Face-Off and tell us!

Fashion Face-Off!

What's Pippa Middleton's best work look? Really, there's no wrong answer, but decide which of her work outfits you think is best by voting here! View Poll ยป


she looks like a guy..... no curves, her face looks like my uncle's face hmmmmmmm!


It's the media that builds her up, leaving her open to criticism. I find her to be always looking healthy and well groomed, therefore she's streets ahead of most people.


shes beautiful and she always look good luv the red skirt


This applies to alot of actresses in hollyweird. The just ok Camaron Diaz, the plain Janes Paltrow and Kate Hudson. The homely Katie Holmes and Britney spears. Joker face Julia Roberts. Crater face Brad Pitt. Bug eyed Jake and so on. Ive seen all these folks without makeup and they are in no shape of form beautiful or even good looking. Now their doing it with the flat ass manly jaw nobody.


I'm scratching my head as to how she is considered gorgeous. I kind of find her unattractive. Her face is not feminine at all. She's average at best. I just can't stand when articles force the issue that a person is drop dead gorgeous when the are not.

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