Farrah Abraham to Mom & Daughter: PEACE OUT!

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"I would never leave Sophia." - Farrah Abraham on last night's Teen Mom

Despite this proclamation, it appears the youngster did exactly that, leaving her daughter with her mother in Iowa while she "attends school" in Florida.

According to Life & Style, the reality star has been in Ft. Lauderdale for months, while her mother, Debra Danielson, is now Sophia's primary caregiver.

Farrah Abraham Ditches Daughter

Was this move altruistic or purely selfish? Somewhere in the middle?

Farrah Abraham said this about her decision to leave Sophia:

"I want her [Sophia's grandmother] to be there for Sophia when I need to take care of my responsibilities, my education and earning an income for both of us."

Not that this wasn't a difficult decision. In fact, the 20-year-old admits, "I'm tugged in many different ways daily - but I don't want to limit myself or Sophia."

What do you think? Is Farrah really doing this for Sophia, or was she simply not up to the task of being a mom? She could have gone to school A LITTLE closer to home, or taken beautiful little Sophia with her to Florida. We're just saying.

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Leave her alone she did it for her daughter, i would ..yes it would be very hard to leave my boys but for them everything.....and yes you would move a diffrent state like Maci i can not wait to do that, f**** ryan he dosent do anything....u woudl do anything to get away from a man like that ...Belive me I KNOW , been there and still there but the good thing is ther is 6 hours drive between us, so im good :)


farrah is a selfish whiney used up bitch who is too much of a stupid arrogant baby to be a mother. she should be sterilized.


yaa maci is a good mom but ryan will like not give up on bently,and ya i agree she should of stayed in the state and not go to another one so she could see her kid!!!!!!! DUHHHH. thats what i would do


Yaa she is like moving to a diffrent state her mom pushes her to do things so


ok, i wacth teen mom and ya farrah is a brat but her mom like bet her a lot,and she did not give sopiha away she still has her!


Farrah did not want to leave her child. Her mom is the one that pushed her into it. Farrah did not have to listen to her mom of course. I do not agree with her dission. But I can tell Farrah LOVES Sophia so much more than any of the other teen moms on the show. Maci is also a good mom on the show. But Farrah could have stayed closer so she could visit sophia on the weekends. But her mom is the one that pushed her I belive. And yes I do belive she is a bit spoiled. Her mom defintly wants Sophia I can just tell by the way she pushed her her daughter away from Sophia her mom is dumb. I like her dad though he is nice guy.


In her defense she was offered the opprtunity of a life time she was pregnant at sixteen and actually got paid.Now that shows how money actually makes a difference. Think about it why not have a show 12 and pregnant MTV and talk about real issues instead of having trailer park trash on that show. On the bright she did get her teeth fixed.


I'm seeing a trend here: Farrah impusively got a dog. Farrah was sick of the dog and gave it away. Farrah thought she needed implants to boost her modeling career (big career, btw--modeling for hair salons). Then that wasn't enough so Farrah decided she needed orthodontics. And needed them BEFORE the move to FL, no less! Guess she knows she will visit her hometown a lot. (Orthodontic visits are on the regular.) Oh yeah, her hometown will also have HER DAUGHTER! SERIOUSLY? She is selfish, bratty, mopey, and a loser. Her daughter is in good hands tho. Farrah's mom is only a borderline personality disorder, afterall. Farrah's guise at a better future for her daughter by leaving her behind are a joke. She's a disgrace. Apple does not fall far. This does not bode well for Sophia and her future. And also, if two yrs. of culinary school churned out that kind of bd cake for two yr old Sophia, well then Farrah is better off throwing her money down a sewer.


I can understand wanting an education and a better life for farrah and her daughter but why doesnt she go to a school a little closer.If that is the only place to get the education she needs for what career she chose why not take sophia with her and make other arrangments for her daughters care,her parents have money to do that?


Everyone, Farrah did NOT leave Sophia with her mom. Sophia went to Florida with Farrah, then just spent the past month VISITING grandma Debra. Farrah will be picking her up this weekend to return to Florida. Calm down. Tabloids are liars and make up stuff to sell copies. MTV left everyone hanging tonite to boost ratings next season. Don't believe everything you read!!!!