Farrah Abraham to Mom & Daughter: PEACE OUT!

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"I would never leave Sophia." - Farrah Abraham on last night's Teen Mom

Despite this proclamation, it appears the youngster did exactly that, leaving her daughter with her mother in Iowa while she "attends school" in Florida.

According to Life & Style, the reality star has been in Ft. Lauderdale for months, while her mother, Debra Danielson, is now Sophia's primary caregiver.

Farrah Abraham Ditches Daughter

Was this move altruistic or purely selfish? Somewhere in the middle?

Farrah Abraham said this about her decision to leave Sophia:

"I want her [Sophia's grandmother] to be there for Sophia when I need to take care of my responsibilities, my education and earning an income for both of us."

Not that this wasn't a difficult decision. In fact, the 20-year-old admits, "I'm tugged in many different ways daily - but I don't want to limit myself or Sophia."

What do you think? Is Farrah really doing this for Sophia, or was she simply not up to the task of being a mom? She could have gone to school A LITTLE closer to home, or taken beautiful little Sophia with her to Florida. We're just saying.

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Farrah, I hope you read all of these and realize how STUPID you look on TV. You treat everyone in your family and around you like total shit. You are rude and ungrateful for everything!!! You will never make in Hollywood, so you should give that idea up. I have never seen someone so self-centered in my life. You need to learn a little RESPECT for your parents. I would never dream of speaking to my mother the way you do. Regardless of the past, she brought you into this world and raised you. YOU NEED TO GROW UP. Me and thousands of others are about to stop watching the show because we can't stand you!!! Get a life. You are teaching your daughter all the wrong thing!!!!!


I don't think leaving Sophia behind would be a bad thing. When you become a parent at any time in your life, you have to make sacrifices. Even if that sacrifice is time with your child. Going to college is a wonderful thing, and nobody should have to miss out on it just because they are a parent. Like mentioned, it would only be for 2 years, and I'm sure there would be plenty of visits and communication. Why is it so wrong for a young woman to leave her child to go to college, yet others have to do the same thing for business trips and military deployments? In my eyes, they are the same thing. When you're young, getting an education is your job. So to me, it's just like she's traveling for business. Does she still have maturing to do? Yes, of course. But I don't feel she would get the experiences she needs by staying under her mother's wings for much longer.


farrah is a peice of s### she needs to learn a few things about reality she has to care for things on her own she cant just always be depending on people to do things for her u know what i think? grow up farrah!!!! you are a self-centered piece of crap u idiot!:\


farrah should actually learn to be a parent because in reality she is one!!!!!!!!!!!!


@s - FYI, Farrah had already dumped Derek before he died and ofcourse that didn't break her heart. She doesn't care about anyone but herself and will dump her ugly rat child off with her mother so she doesn't have to look after it. She is an up herself cow who treats her mother and father like shit. After she had her fuck ugly boob job, she made her dad leave Sophia on the staircase so he could help her get to bed. Sophia could have easily stood up and tried to follow but tripped and fell down the stairs and killed herself. And I'm suprised her mother didn't punch her in the face much earlier than she did. If only her mom did fist workouts every day so it could have done alot more damage to her butt ugly face.


i think farrah is a good mom. i personally could never leave my daughter behind, but i think she love sophia and sophia is safe and will be happy with farrah's mom. i don't see a problem with this! we are not in her shoes so we should not judge. and no matter what happened before derriek died, i bet that still broke her heart. they probably would have ended up back together anyway. teenagers always brake up and say mean things about eachother and turn around and get back together.


i think farrah is selfish because she takes her mom and dad for granted.. she doesnt c reality she just sees people handing things to her. she just the younger version of her mother. FARRAH YOU MAKE ME SICK!!!!


I think farrah only thinks about herself. people like that dont need to have kids especially if hhey pawn them off on the grandparents. But in all honesty I think Farrah is just like her mother. im a parent if i would never leave my child behind, it was my choice to have my son at 19. i had to do it on my own its not a walk in the park. so farrah i really hope u dont have anymore kids until ur married and responsible to take care of them on ur own and dont leave them with ur parents. You really need to grow up. you are a selfish BITCH I really mean that


I think she is doing it for herself , she comes across as a spoiled brat with no manners and very rude , she treats people like dirt ,I myself am a teen mom of TWO and sure sometimes it get tough but i would never hand my kids off an leave ,i love my kids to much to do that ... in mostly all the episodes you can see the way she treats her daughter ( im not saying she does not love her ) but she regrets haveing a baby its really sad , She said she is going thru stuff but thats not a reason to be horriable to people , i jus really hate her debbi downer attitude !!


I am sick of Farrah. The first two years of Teen Mom, she never mentioned Sophias dad - never showed any feelings for him or his death. Then, when the public saw her as being cold..things have changed. She now cries all the time and cries about him..though she didnt give a crap about him or his death in the beginning. She is a spoiled, fake all about her person. She is more of a friend to her daughter than a mother. Her own mother and father, let Farrah get away with being a spoiled brat. So they get, what they asked for.