Elisabetta Canalis Supports Chaz Bono

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Despite a past laden with naked photos, no one said much when Brooke Burke was cast on Dancing with the Stars.

But complaints have been pouring in from certain circles now that Chaz Bono, the transgender child of Cher and Sonny Bono, has been named a competitor on the new season of this ABC hit.

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So far, both Bono's mother and Lacey Schwimmer have come to his defense. And we can now add George Clooney's ex to that list, as fellow cast member Elisabetta Canalis tells E! News of Chaz's inclusion:

"I'm so happy to be on this show with him. He represents a big community, so we need it on TV. We need to talk about it, we need to see people."

Do you agree? Where do you stand on the issue?


Since when is he/she a star?


A cokewhore like Canalis must stay in prison.


This year sadly, there is even greater skepticism to the cast of DWTS, as Chaz Bono will appear as the first transgendered person ever to compete on the show. http://bit.ly/qGdw7G


toms correct, abc will probably be a winner here in ratings for the first show or two. now cher, i imagine dressed like the witch on an r rated version of the wizard of oz, has unleashed her minions with a "fly my lovlies" to support her 42 year old offspring. angelina jolie has her causes, world peace, hunger, devasating floods and now cher seems to have hers. years from now shrines will be built and mothers everywhere will wish they could have a little bundle of joy just like c bono to end that branch of their family tree forever. then they and cher could share something in common, you'll be her friend and just like her, no biological grandchildren.


First of all... When u look at Chaz he looks like a man... U dont want ur children to know about it, don't tell them he was born a woman. Second... If u don't like it, don't watch. And why in the world are young children watching that show? Without Chaz on there it's still very provacative. I am extremely appauled that this kind of ignorant exists in 2011. It's truly sad. Whether we have a penis or a vagina or whatever there is still one thing we have in common and that's a beating heart that can be hurt and broken by unacceptance.


oh, almost doc madeleine its dr keith ablow, thats Doctor keith ablow, in case you can't find it. he describes c bono appearence as "toxic", that means bad. let me see, med student or doctor, who's opinion could someone trust more? who's opinion would you trust being an educated person? sounds like you come in second this time.


... more uncomfortable than, 'hey, there's a guy on a show that we ELECT TO WATCH.' Go Chas.


@just me... ah, as a med student, yeah we do say you can have a penis and be female. Pick up any text on human physiology and the life cycle. Don't assume you have a valid understanding of developmental biology because you've seen a boy before, and he had a penis.
While your point on the term 'hater' is valid, the rest of what you have to say is utter tripe. You wouldn't want to explain transgender to a child? Cool, don't ever have children, because a whole host of conversations have come up with my four-year-old than that are way


sure ru, and i hope you mean that in a funny way because you're no rhodes scholar. lol


@just me. Your such an idiot

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