Eden Wood, Toddlers & Tiaras Great, Hearts Selena Gomez, HATES Justin Bieber

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Eden Wood of Toddlers & Tiaras fame is mercifully retired at age SIX.

Still, the aspiring actress is far from done with showbiz, and does not hesitate to make her feelings about some of Hollywood's current stars known.

Asked who her favorite singer was in a gripping interview with E!, Eden answered "Selena Gomez" without hestation. "She is so pretty. I want to be her."

Don't even get her STARTED on that Bieber kid though.

Eden Wood Picture

"I would punch him," she said of the Bieb. "He's just stupid!"

Think Beliebers would send death threats to a six-year-old?

She also doesn't care for Miley Cyrus. When asked if she was a fan of the "Party in the USA" singer, Eden Wood replied: "No, she smoked a bong!"

LOL, that she did.

The pintsize performer danced, modeled and sang in a Toddler Fashion Week show (gag) in NYC, but wants to "do music" instead from now on. Phew.


How the hell does a six year old know what a bong is?


y do yall hate selena justin likes so what he still lv yall cuz yall his fanz


wtf, im surprised she knows what a bong is.


Let me be the first to tell you since your mommy odviously hasnt..."You should NEVER want to be ANYONE but YOURSELF". If anything you want to be better than thoes you idolize.


"no she smoked a bong" hahahahahahaha


Wat is she?? She should Hate selina an LOVe Justin!!
Love U JB!!


its fine 2 speak ur mind, but @ 6yrs old?!?!?! JMO i kno MY 6yr old better not b talk'n like that, but it is not my child, so oh well.

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