Duggar Family Putting Youngest Child at Risk With Three-Week TLC Shoot?

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TLC continually changes the name of its show 19 Kids and Counting to reflect the increasing number of Duggar offspring. Jim Bob and Michelle? Fertile.

But it reportedly nearly declined by one.

The youngest child of the 21-member Arkansas family has reportedly suffered some serious medical problems while shooting overseas in Israel.

Little Josie-Brooklyn Duggar was born prematurely and is prone to illness, but sources say the demands of their TLC schedule put her more at risk:

The Duggars

“Josie has had serious breathing issues since her premature birth. While the Duggars are a loving family who adore their children, they are defi­nitely risking little Josie’s life by traveling all over the world," says an insider.

"It seems like they are putting the show before their child’s health. Jim Bob and Michelle need to put their chil­dren before media attention and money.”

Definitely out of character for the evangelical Christian family, who - no matter what you think of their lifestyle - live debt free and relatively simply.

Although, as Jon Gosselin can attest, money and fame change people.

Should Jim Bob and Michelle try for baby Duggar #20?


P.S. This was great, Roddy: "We wonder why there are shows like Teen Mom but did you stop to think it could be because of glorifying large families and babies in general?" You fucking idiot, are you seriously going to blame teen sexual promiscuity on the Duggars? Hahaha! That is so funny! Maybe you should check out that shit you praise- dating, popular music and culture (E! and MTV douchebaggery) before you blame the Duggars. Are you seriously this much of a moron? I really hope you're joking. Next you'll blame the Duggars for teen STDs, homosexuals getting AIDS, and the 80% plastic surgery/self mutilation rate in Hollywood. The Duggars are obviously the opposite of all this, and they teach their kids the same. You are apparently a freaking tool who is right next to the rest of the Hollywood crowd. Enjoy your itchy senssation down there...


Roddy, you are a hilarious dumbass. The only people scared of anyone is dumbasses like you who are scared of these innocent, harmless Christians. Go suck a dick at Nazi lovin' Margaret Sangers' Planned Parenthood, you freaking moron. You are a monumental idiot. The Duggars are "not innocent" because they "force their beliefs on everyone"??? Hahahaha! You are such a fucking IDIOT! Yeah, these people with 19 kids are really out there with the Inquisition! Hahaha! You are a fucking tool, that's why you're appreciating a website like this run by gossipy douchebags. Carry on, dumbass.


James really work on your attitude. I am not insulting innocent people. The Duggars attempt to force their beliefs on everyone. they belong to Focus on the Family which is hateful toward anyone different. What you see on TV isn't what you get. This thing with Josie means they aren't concerned for the welfare of the kids. It is the same with all kid reality shows. If you read the links, you will see what I mean. Did you know the poor kids can't date, listen to popular music, watch tv not even the legal adults. You wonder what is so awful about that. Well I will tell you. When, rather if the kids get out from under the parents,, they will fear the world because they have been taught everything is evil. I just read Josh Duggar attended a Planned Parent Hood protest. it seems they are really uninformed about Planned Parent Hood. they should stay out of other people's lives and focus on their own.


A. Roddy, you are the typical hilarious idiotic Duggar hater. You sit there and judge a perfectly kind and decent family, and then when someone points out what a simple douche you are you cry "judgmental" like a big pussy. If you don't insult innocent people, you don't get insulted, douche.


I love it when douchebags like Hollywood gossip sites actually try to comment on the lives of decent people like the Duggars. Hey Hollywood, you are douchebags. The Duggars will never be made to look bad by idoiots like you. Go back to your cocaine addictions, plastic surgery, and anus-serving-as-vagina sexuality. Leave actual life and reality to people like the Duggars who know how to live it.


One more thing...for those who are not concerned about Josie because it was "only a cold", there is no such thing as "only a cold" for those who have breathing issues. A cold can become deadly in a matter of hours, especially for a tiny preemie such as Josie. Jim Bob and Michelle are about to learn that what might have been a few days of coughing and snotty noses with their other kids is a whole new world for a little one who has already had a tough beginning in this life. I'm not saying the parents are doing the show for the money. I have no idea what their financial standing is. All I'm saying is that the world of raising children as they know it has changed.




The sickness issue oversees with Josie is not anything like enquirer portrays it to be. When I was a teen my parents took our family to Europe and my 2 year old brother caught a cold. He was not a premie and he had to have medical care. Also I have raised 6 kids someone is always having some illness going on. If one waited for when all of ours were 100% healthy we would have NEVER gone ANYWHERE. Our oldest is a premie and she travelled when she was young. So, give it a rest already. The Duggars do a great job.


This doesnt have to do with the article but to the poll: How are you going to make a poll asking whether or not the duggars should stop giving life to kids... Michelle gave LIFE to 19 children! Those are kids that have and are growing up happy and healthy. Id understand of they couldn't like take care of those kids, but they can! If they can afford to have more, then I say go for it!


i bet it was all jim bobs idea, hes controling. He even wanted to control what wedding dress michelle had to wear!!!!! He has brainwashed all his kids & his wife. If jim bob disagrees with her, she submitts to him.

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