Duggar Family Putting Youngest Child at Risk With Three-Week TLC Shoot?

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TLC continually changes the name of its show 19 Kids and Counting to reflect the increasing number of Duggar offspring. Jim Bob and Michelle? Fertile.

But it reportedly nearly declined by one.

The youngest child of the 21-member Arkansas family has reportedly suffered some serious medical problems while shooting overseas in Israel.

Little Josie-Brooklyn Duggar was born prematurely and is prone to illness, but sources say the demands of their TLC schedule put her more at risk:

The Duggars

“Josie has had serious breathing issues since her premature birth. While the Duggars are a loving family who adore their children, they are defi­nitely risking little Josie’s life by traveling all over the world," says an insider.

"It seems like they are putting the show before their child’s health. Jim Bob and Michelle need to put their chil­dren before media attention and money.”

Definitely out of character for the evangelical Christian family, who - no matter what you think of their lifestyle - live debt free and relatively simply.

Although, as Jon Gosselin can attest, money and fame change people.

Should Jim Bob and Michelle try for baby Duggar #20?


Hello hey hi um.. I'd like 2 express my opinion, ..Id like 2 know which one of y'all has the manual 2 raising the perfect child? Cause I know as a mother, that book doesn't exsist! We just try 2 do the best we can with what we have. I do know I have a lot of questions 4 the duggars, regarding how they make it work cause I know how much time, money, love, patience, ect.. it takes 2 be a parent. But I think y'all r being 2 harsh & I like them they seem very nice. They are living the way God say fit just like every 1 of us should be. & he who lives in a glass house should not throw the 1st stone!!!


Come on. My parents had 2 kids. My brother and I didn't get "special attention" because there was only 2 of us. My fam is HUGE. My brother and I have 32 1st cousins. We all got together twice a week. None of us felt neglected at all. In fact, all of us got SO much attention....pick on the poor families that only had 3 to 5 people in it. That's NOT a family!!!!


I watched the show for about 5 minutes and felt it was a waste of time. I don't like the show at all. STOP HELPING THEM EXPLOIT THEIR CHILDERN BY NOT WATCHING THE SHOW.


statistically speaking, several of their kids have a probability of being gay. will they have a show on Logo then, or be on andy cohen's "watch what happens live"?


I have to wonder .... how much personal time does each child get with mom and/or dad? ... shouldn't that matter? And how do these parents have time to do a TV show? And why keep your children from the world in which they will someday have to make their way? And, while they are supporting their children financially (I assume), do these parents ever question the stress such a large family puts upon the Earth? how much water will they all drink, how much food will they consume, how much waste will they produce? I certainly do not hate these parents, but I absolutely question their ability to be good parents and their true motivation for such unbridled procreation.


Religion is meant to set your mind at ease about life and teach you to treat people with kindness and even religious people make unwise decisions. The duggar mom should think of her last child bearing experience before she decides to risk another and leave all those children MOTHERLESS! Religion or not God does not promote being plain stupid.


Roddy, seriously. "Yea if the Duggars were a more main stream family they would be most definitely investigated by DHS." The Mormon guy on "Sister Wives" was busted for polygamy. That's because cops actually watch tv too. What does this have to do with Christianity? The Duggars are completely innocent of crimes, you are judging THEM! Don't tell people not to judge when that's all you're doing. So what if they forbid their kids from dating and listening to garbage music. That's called responsible parenting, that is not child abuse. Forcing parents to make their kids date and have premarital sex is abuse of our freedoms. I guess that's what you want, you want to prevent people from raising children with morals and values. These people are not hurting anyone. Get off your paranoid high horse.


Yea if the Duggars were a more main stream family they would be most definitely investigated by DHS. The Duggars paint a happy picture of Quiverfull life and they are on media outlet they forbid their kids to watch. They forbid them to date, listen to music, or dance. I can not see the difference in picking up s strange person at a bar and marrying a strange person your parent force you to through courtship. It seems women are not women these days unless they got kids. If 'James' would Google what I tell him he and other fans would come back with a different view. I wonder if he has ever seen the show. Many extreme Christians turn their noses up a anyone who is different when the Bible says judge not..


Liz is bitter because her two kids are douchebags, and she can't have anymore kids because she is a fat lardass so her boyfriend hasn't touched her in 4 years.


WFT? I can't stand people who do this. Geez, give it a rest. Aren't you reaching menopause?

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