Movie Review: Ryan Gosling in the Driver's Seat

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You could sum up Drive in four words: Ryan Gosling owns it.

Although he says next to nothing in the first 20 minutes of the film, opening this weekend, Gosling’s impact is immense - the true hallmark of an A-list star.

Gosling plays Driver, a movie stunt driver who moonlights as a getaway driver for anyone who will hire him, with intensity that makes this a must-see.

With a great lead, cinematography and supporting roles (you can include L.A. itself in that category), Drive is so much more more than meets the eye.

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Ryan Gosling in Drive
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You know what lets set around watch someone not speak for 30 minutes of the movie, have about 3 action scenes of a physical vehicles being driven for a movie called Driver, have a pointless soundtrack, not get any concept of the main character's life, have no setting of a story, watch people get shanked a few times, and the ending scene is him driving around....I'd rather consume my own feces and dry hump a Black Mamba till it bit my eye sockets, in over 19 years of my life I've never seen a movie that had a title like this and had barely any relevance to the actual driving aspect of this movie...that was 2 hours of my life I could of spent boning my girlfriend or driving my own car around and have more action than this movie.


Terrible movie. Slow to start, slow middle and slow to end. OMG what a waste of time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I liked it.. great music


I have not seen any references to older movies yet, but this film looks like it received some of it's inspiration from "The Driver" starring Ryan Oneil (1978). I thought the new movie was entertaining, though the plot was fairly predictable. I also enjoyed the music, as it had an 80's feel to it. Overall, an "ok" movie, but the chase scenes from the original movie (The Driver) were better.


This movie will always keep you in anticipation. You're always trying to tell the characters to talk faster so we can get to the rising action, or to when he is going to go driving. I almost think that a lot of the story was taken out of this movie because there were many parts, especially some important parts (without wanting to mention any), that didn't lead anywhere. Maybe that's why they had to have a long pause between every word they said; so that the movie would last longer.


This movie was awesome, one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. If you're expecting a popcorn movie like Transformers or Fast and the Furious, then you're not going to enjoy this. Much of what you learn about the characters in this movie comes silence, not dialogue. Yes, it's an artistic film, but I found I actually cared about the characters in this film, which is rare nowadays. This film is getting 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, so don't pay too much attention to the people in this forum who hated this film.


WTF?!!! This movie is one of the worse movie I saw in 30 years. The producer definitely tried too much or maybe yes indeed, he was on crack. Sorry readers, but don't waist your time and money.


we spent a lot of time picking this movie to see and also felt we got 'robbed'. some of the scenes had no dialogue - just people staring at each other. left you with a 'huh?' feeling every time the scene changed. still not sure of the plot. secondary actors were aweful. and the ending was the worse. waste of money and time.


This movie was NOT good. Please don't even try to back it up by saying it was creative/stellar. The producer was on crack and tried too hard, failed, plot was going but the ending just failed.
It is good only if you are high off drugs. Everything was hell except for the following: The music was good.


ditto is... on the drive From the director of Bronson (2008) Nicolas Refn, and starring hollywood heart-throb Ryan Gosling, Drive is an unexpected creation. The premise of action, car chases and glossy thrills are extinguished as soon the opening titles begin. An 80’s soundtrack, a theme throughout the film, wafts over the neon pink title. The film is subtle, dignified and purposeful.