Drew Ryniewicz Loves, Covers Justin Bieber on The X Factor

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Drew Ryniewicz made Justin Bieber proud last night.

Well, correction: the 14-year old from Arizona made the man who signed Justin Bieber proud.

After learning that Ryniewicz is a huge Belieber (quick, do you know Justin's favorite colors? Drew does.), this young hopeful took to The X Factor stage, hoping to impress a panel of judges that includes L.A. Reid, who warned the contestant that he might be extra harsh because he's so close to the song she covered, "Baby."

But Drew had little to worry about it. Watch her full audition below.

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Her version of Billy Jean was AWESOME!! WOW!!! I agree with the judges only in the sense that it would be cool to see her do something a little more upbeat... even something along the lines of when she did Creep in the group bootcamp week. But she is AMAZING and so original and deserved props for that performance tonight!


vanesa stupid


Drew stupid


Amazing.. way to go


amazing audition. this girl has amazing talent and this is definately not the last time we c her


She wholeheartedly earned each one of those emphatic YES's from the panel! Well done girlfriend!

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