Dr. Phil Interview With Casey Anthony's Parents: The Most Shameless Ratings Grab of All Time?

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Cindy Anthony telling Dr. Phil McGraw that Casey Anthony had a seizure that may explain covering up 2-year-old Caylee Anathony's death for weeks?

Cindy insisting that Casey participated in a "hot body" contest while her daughter was missing (and presumably dead) strictly to help out a friend?

George Anthony admitting he and Cindy nearly divorced in 2006, after the family learned he had secretly racked up about $30,000 in gambling debts?

The Anthonys never having met Zanny the nanny, having no clue who Caylee's dad is, and suspecting Casey of stealing from them - yet doing nothing?

George claiming "he could never be out celebrating," and making it clear the two are divided over Casey's innocence, yet downplaying his own role?

Dr. Phil self-righteously claiming he would never interview "unconscionable psychopath" Casey Anthony herself, because "her actions said enough"?

McGraw trying to look like he's somehow above the fray by not paying the Anthonys, but rather donating the money to charity - run by the Anthonys?

This may have set the low water mark for TV "journalism."


I'm not a fan of Dr Phil & I've only watched his show maybe 3 times before. I thought he did a wonderful job. He asked the questions & gave feedback that I would have said. After watching it there isn't any doubt in my mind that the father has come to terms that his daughter murdered her baby, accidental or not. The mother is scared to admit it because I feel she thinks it makes her look bad. I agree w/ the dad, Casey probably medicated Caylee to make her sleep & gave her to much. Then buried her. This woman got away with murder.


Dr. Phil great job. I believe George. Cindy you need help, stop making excuses for your physo daughter. She killed your grandaughter. You need help, a.s.a.p!!

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